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5 Minute Meals

* Do your children have a family?

* Do they like eating?

* Are your tired of cooking?

These are 5 minute meals for those who answered yes to all (or any) of the questions.

These meals can be prepared quickly and are easy to prepare. Although they may not take 5 minutes to prepare, these meals are quick and easy. Recommended reading?

Here is my definition of a 5 Minute Meal: It all comes down to the assembly time. I don’t count time spent letting something cook in my crockpot over night. It’s the food assembly time that I count, since it’s what really matters when you are busy.

Are you looking to improve the nutrition of your family’s meals? It takes only 5 minutes to make healthy meals.

So what’s your catch? There’s no catch. However, there are simple secrets to making 5 minute meals work for you.

Begin by going to your local grocery store’s bottled dressing and sauce aisle. These are 5-minute meals waiting to happen. Select your favorite flavors. You might be surprised at the new flavors. Look out for low-fat or no-fat versions. This will help to keep extra fat and calories at bay.

You can add cooked meat to these 5-minute meals. Precooked chicken is available, but you can also buy hamburger or chicken pieces (I prefer skinless, bonesless chicken breasts). Then, cook all the meat for your month at once and then freeze each portion. This will allow you to save time and effort in the kitchen.

Precooking meat is a quick way to create 5-minute meals. Take a precooked meat package from the freezer and heat up a favorite bottled sauce. A bag of frozen vegetables would also work well in your meal. You may need more sauce depending on the amount of food you are making. A bag of premade salad is another option for healthy vegetables.

See the resource box at the bottom of the article for more tips on how to make quick meals.

Once you have decided on the flavor and quick meals that you like best, you can start to keep a list in your pantry. You must ensure you always have the ingredients to make these meals. You should always keep the ingredients for these meals on hand, so every time you pull a favorite sauce from the pantry, make sure to write it down on your grocery shopping list.

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