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Carpet Cleaning Methods – alternative flooring

It is possible that you have spent a lot on your carpet. You want your carpet to last forever. But is it possible? You can’t unless you live in the area. The increase in pollutants makes it almost impossible to maintain a clean carpet unless one chooses an alternative flooring. Your carpet will most likely collect dirt and dust over time. Read this!

The carpets become unhygienic because of small microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. They then start to emit unpleasant odors. To prevent further damage, carpets should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly.

Although carpet cleaning can seem daunting, it is possible to maintain its fibers and durability. An absolute must-have for carpet cleaning is a fiber or chemical test.

There are many ways to remove dirt, germs, and micro organisms from carpet. However, you can only choose the best and most appropriate method for you.

Dry cleaning

Dry Cleaning is a method that dries carpets quickly. Dry Cleaning is a quick and simple process that involves applying a dry powder with dust affinity to the carpet. The powder is then left on the carpet for a brief time. The powdered dust is then removed from the carpet by vacuuming it. This cleaning method works well if your carpet has only dust and not other harmful or toxic organisms. This method won’t get rid of any insects or germs in your carpet and is not recommended for pets.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning, which is very affordable and suitable for residential use, is another option. Steam cleaning machines are used in this process. It involves using hot water along with detergents, and then working over the carpet. After that, the same machine is used for extracting the dirt and water. Although this process cleans the carpet, it does not make it free from dust. Sometimes, dust remains in carpet fibers due to poor washing and can cause an unpleasant odor.


Shampooing can be done by yourself. Shampooing involves the application a special detergent onto the carpet. The carpet cleaning machine then works to loosen the dirt and other particles from the carpet. After the detergent has been removed, the carpet is vacuumed and deodorizers and lighteners are applied to the carpet. This makes the carpet smell fresher and looks brighter. It is an easy way to clean your carpet but it is not the best.

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