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A Mushroom for Emperors

Chinese Emperors used Lingzhi as a treatment for a variety of ailments. It was often found at the bottom of tree stumps in the wild. Today, it is grown in laboratory-like conditions. It is still available for common use, but at a very high price. Read this soulcybin review article.

Unfortunately, people don’t know much other than the fact it has been used for 4,000 year by TCM. There are several varieties of this mushrooms. They have different properties (colour, shape, toughness and stalk length). The use of this mushroom is determined by its type. The majority of people simply buy anything that contains ganoderma Lucidum on the label, even toothpaste! )- profiteering, which is highly irresponsible. It only complicates the situation of TCM as a science.


Lingzhi has been used anticancer because it is anti-tumor. It also has antiviral and parasitic capabilities. It can also protect against liver injuries so it should always be used along with chemotherapy. It is sometimes used to counter side effects from chemotherapy.

The Institute of Chinese Medicine, Shatin Hong Kong and China’s Chinese University of Hong Kong have conducted research that has shown (Sep 2006 journal), that it has prevented the proliferation of breast cancer tumors in women who are suffering from the disease. TCM doctors also believe it can lower blood sugars and cholesterol, as well as improve the overall health of the immune system.


Thinly sliced or pulsed lingzhi (it may be as hard and woody as it can be) is added to a pot filled with boiling water. The pot is then covered and left to simmer on a low heat for several more hours. Some people dislike it so they make it into soups, or capsules. However I think these preparations have a stronger effect.

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