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Wicking: A Problem Carpet Cleaners Face

Carpet cleaning can be tricky. You may think you are doing everything right click this link, but things can go wrong. For example, carpet cleaning is often plagued by wicking. What is exactly wicking? And why can it pose such a serious problem for carpets? At carpet cleaning northshore, we are always available to talk through all the details.

Wicking can occur when a rug is cleaned, but dirt and moisture are still buried deeply within the fibers. Water evaporating out of the carpet draws dirt particles up towards the surface. The result can be ugly black stains that are often more noticeable than their original stain. Wicking sometimes also causes unpleasant odors which can aggravate the problem.

What can cause wicking to occur? Overwetting of the carpet during cleaning can be a problem. The removal of moisture can be difficult if the cleaning solution or too much water is used. This may cause the liquid to soak deep into the carpet fibers. This could also be caused by using machinery that requires more power to remove all moisture and debris.

Carpet Cleaning North Shore uses a special cleaning solution to help prevent wicking. Our technicians will use cutting edge machinery, along with the appropriate cleaning solution, to thoroughly wash your carpets. In order to prevent wicking, our technicians remove as many moisture molecules as possible during drying.

What should you be doing if it has already started to wick on your carpet? To begin, absorb as much liquid as you can with a clean, drier towel or cloth. If the stain is stubborn, try removing it with vinegar and/or a professional cleaning solution. It’s best to hire professionals if there is a lot of wicking. This will prevent the condition from getting worse.

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