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W.185 – When Tobacco Meets Vanilla – ESNC’s Ode To Tom Ford’s Masterpiece

In a perfume store, among the misty site link, delicate fragrances and bottles, you may stumble across a scent which stops you dead in your track. ESNC Perfumery’s w.185 does exactly that. Inspired by Tom Ford’s Tabac Vanille fragrance, this perfume is a symphony, a blend of contrasts that captivates at first sniff.

Tom Ford Tabac Vanille, a fragrance that is renowned in the perfume world. Imagine dried tobacco leaves with a slight sweetness, combined with the creamy vanilla. Within moments, the smoky Cuban patisserie is transformed into a Parisian pastry shop. Dark, seductive, but sweet and comforting. This olfactory masterwork blurs the traditional masculine/feminine line.

Imagine that you could bottle this essence and add a playful touch. You’ve got W.185. The tobacco in this blend is strong, reminding you of sun-cured field and a slight whiff of leather. Instead of just being creamy, the vanilla has hints and flavors of orchid, caramel sweetness, even a tiny hint of cherry.

W.185’s purpose is not to copy Tabac Vanille. This is an artist’s interpretation, a reinterpretation of a classic painting. A sprinkle of spices is added to the vanilla and tobacco, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. There’s also a faint amber glow. These notes are what give W.185 a distinctive character. They make it stand out and pay homage its muse.

W.185 epitomizes the trend of unisex fragrances in today’s world. The bold businessman is a great match for this fragrance, as are the elegant ladies, the free-spirited artists, and the poets. It’s a versatile fragrance for any collection, regardless of age, gender or occasion.

The next time you visit a shop for perfume, keep an eye out for ESNC Perfumery’s W.185. No matter if you’re a fanatic of Tom Ford Tabac Vanille scent or just someone who loves a good fragrance story, W.185 is sure to take you on an olfactory trip.

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