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Uthentic Learning: Paying for online education success while juggling life and learning

Let’s get into a hot topic that is as spicy as a jalapeno in the summer: paysomeonetodo.com to complete your online education. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Hold onto your hats, because this is happening now in the digital age.

Why do people do this? Imagine juggling five balls: one each for school, work, family, social life and self-care. Anyone would wish for an extra pair hands. Hiring someone to handle the education is a good idea.

Before we go all high-and-mighty, let’s think about why someone would feel this way. Imagine you are working two jobs to pay the bills and keep your stomach full. Online classes are meant to be the ticket you need to get out of Strugglesville. You feel like you are stuck in quicksand, and you don’t know how to move forward.

There’s also the issue of online learning. It can be like trying to snuggle up with a robot. Others may thrive in such an environment, but not others. Some people miss the human contact, just as a fish does when it is on dry land.

Don’t get me started about the academic pressure cooker of today. If you don’t ace every test or project, it feels as if you are invisible when you go to look for a job or continue your studies.

Here’s when things start to get tricky – ethics take center stage. No matter what you call it, cheating is still cheating. While we can certainly understand the reasons why someone would feel compelled to take such drastic measures, that doesn’t mean it is right. You can eat cereal with water if you run out of milk, but should you?

What does this all say about our educational system? We need to rethink our education system if people feel forced to cheat to keep up with their peers or to manage their daily lives. The perfect pair of jeans should fit seamlessly into your life. It should be comfortable and flattering.

What’s the answer? What about making the learning process more flexible and engaging? Imagine courses that fit your schedule, rather than forcing it on you. You could have professors that are more approachable for those late-night moments when you stare at your computer wondering if an alien abduction would be better than trying to understand quantum mechanics at 2 AM.

We should also discuss reducing the stigma of asking for real help. I don’t mean paying Joe to take your exam for you. It’s a sign of honor to admit when you are struggling and seek support from tutoring or study group.

What matters at the end of the semester (or day) is real learning. You’ll retain skills and knowledge longer than a piece of gum left on a hot pavement. Let’s be honest: shortcuts may get you to your destination faster, but they won’t make it any more rewarding or richer.

You can’t say “Do Not disturb.” You’re right in the middle where memories are waiting to be created.

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