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This Is A Guide To Prioritising Rooms For Painting!

Prior to painters honolulu the interior of your house, you should have a solid plan. Paint multiple rooms may be exciting, but can also be stressful. There’s a lot to do, including moving furniture, covering, and taping before you paint the room. Each effort will ultimately reflect your own personal style. North Shore professional painters have the knowledge to deal with painting your home. Here are a few tips on which rooms should be painted before others to avoid being in a tough position later.

Why Prioritising Rooms is important before Painting?

You will notice that different aspects of life at home are affected when you paint different rooms. Painting your house will change how and when to move, sleep, or even eat. Painting rooms with important functions should be done first.


It is in the bedroom that you can relax after a busy day at work. Ask your North Shore Sydney Painters to complete these first. The sooner they paint your bedroom, you will be able to use it.

Some homeowners would prefer the opposite. Some homeowners prefer to have the bedrooms painted after the rest of the house is painted. This way, they get a paint-free room to relax in while the other rooms still need to be painted. You can choose which one you want!


Your painters can start by painting the bathroom, if that’s your first preference. Bathrooms are smaller than most other rooms so you will not feel overwhelmed. Once the North Shore painters have completed painting your bathroom you’ll feel motivated and accomplished to start painting other areas of your home.


When you paint your kitchen, make sure that all the kitchen equipment, utensils and food are covered up or put away. This will prevent any dust and paint spills from getting onto your equipment and food. As the painters paint your kitchen, be sure to cover all of your kitchen equipment.

Living Room

Once you have completed the main rooms, you can begin painting the living areas. The large furniture should be placed in the middle of the space so that the surfaces can be easily painted. If you want to watch television and relax in a different area, consider the dining room or kitchen while the living rooms are being painted.

Basements, Attics and Basements

You won’t be spending much time here, so you can paint it.

General tip: Keep the windows and doors opened to help ventilate your home and remove the paint smell quickly.

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