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Self Storage Facility Selection Tips

8Everyone will use storage facilities at some point in their life to temporarily or permanently store household or office goods. Is there a standard for all storage communities – helpful resources? Absolutely not. This post focuses on the ten most important things to take into consideration when choosing where to keep your precious belongings. If you don’t value what you keep, you won’t store it.

one. Location is a key factor when choosing a storage facility. For ease of accessibility, the facility should be close to highways or major roads and within easy reach of your home or workplace. When you need to store your goods for short periods, consider the convenience of choosing an area that is close by the previous house or company or closer to the new one.

two. As technology advances, safety is a crucial factor in choosing where you want to keep your household goods or commercial items. Storage facilities that are more recent have high tech security features such as matching gate codes to storage devices. When you unlock your gate after entering the premises and opening the access gate the unit you are storing will also be unlocked.

It is also important to note that the safest services have gates, fences, or tall walls surrounding them. A video camera that can record the activity both inside of and in close proximity to your units is another important security aspect. Finally, the on-site administrator helps to ensure your merchandise are stored securely and safely.

3. Insurance coverage: The majority of public storage places offer insurance protection for your items if you do not have coverage under your own homeowner or renter policy. There is little chance you may ever have to make use of it. However, catastrophes or other unforeseeable events can take place.

four. The most effective storage options restrict usage to a certain time of day. If you want the greatest accessibility to your equipment, it’s a good idea to factor this into your selection. If you can, try to have your storage unit available seven days per week between the hours of early morning and well past five pm.

five. Pest Control: Based on your location, you may need to know about the management of mice and rats, bugs or other pests. It is likely that newer buildings will have less pest problems, yet it still pays to speak to your prospective landlord to find out what pest control measures they use.

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