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Rehab Only for Women: Transforming the Power of Healing

Science and Sanctuary meet in Utah’s heart, creating an environment that is both about healing the body as well as the mind. Renew Wellness & Recovery’s experience with drug rehab has shown us that it opens new possibilities for the women who attend. Get the facts!

First, let’s explore the neural tapestry which makes women’s experiences of substances unique. The research has found that women are more likely to move quickly from use of substances to dependence. It is because their bodies and brains react differently to substances, and often they require different dosages in order for them to be able manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This isn’t about just biology. It’s about personalized, individualized care.

We cannot understate the psychological side. Women are at greater risk of developing mood disorders including depression and anxiety in conjunction with drug use. In order to effectively treat mental illness and substance abuse, treatment needs to do both. Renew Wellness & Recovery teams are experts at navigating dual challenges and integrating therapy modalities that address both simultaneously.

A social perspective is also important. There are unique social and family pressures on women that contribute to the cycle of addiction. These programs are designed to empower women and help them rebuild their lives.

In women’s rehab, the sense of community that is fostered by the program itself may be the most impressive aspect. Women can be hesitant to speak up in mixed-gender situations, either because of fear of judgment, or they feel awkward sharing when men are present. When women only gather, they can share a mutual understanding which helps break down any barriers. Renew Wellness does not just share stories, but also builds a resilience collective that helps to overcome challenges in recovery.

It is important to note that the science behind gender specific treatment includes safety and trauma healing. In recovery, many women experienced abuse by men or sexual violence. This is often a factor in the substance abuse. A women-only setting reduces the chance of traumatization by removing men from the equation.

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