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Protecting Your Moldavite Genuine and Boosting Its Energy

Moldavite, a valuable and hardy crystal, should be treated with great care. These are some ways to care for your Moldavite crystal and maximize its energy.

Moldavite is a magnet for negative energy. Therefore, it is essential to keep it clean. It can be cleaned by placing it in saltwater, being buried in ground or being smudged in sage, more hints.

Keep it dry and out of reach of children. The application of this measure will ensure that your Moldavite is preserved in its physical integrity and vitality.

It is important to treat moldavite with respect and use it according to your intentions. This means defining your goals for the crystal and then using it in a way that suits them.

Moldavite vibrates strongly so it is essential to use it slowly. This means you start with short time periods and gradually increase them as your tolerance increases for the activity’s intensity.

You can recharge your Moldavite by putting it outside. You can achieve this by either exposing it to the sun for a short time or placing it in direct sunlight.

The most important aspect of obtaining the best out of this expensive and potent crystal is to properly care for it and strengthen its energy. It is possible to ensure that your Moldavite’s energy helps you in your spiritual development and healing journey by taking care of it.

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