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Mosquito Misting Systems – The Best

Houston, Plano Austin Atlanta Dallas and all the other cities of Texas are inundated with mosquitoes. These insects carry the West Nile Virus as well as malaria and many more diseases that cause thousands of deaths each and every year. Preventing mosquito bites is best, as we all know.

When mosquitoes are in season, many people resort to any means possible to combat them. Some light candles; others use insect zappers; some install mosquito squatters. Others apply non-prescribed sprays, creams and other chemicals on their skin.

Control mosquitoes with A-Niks Mosquito Misting System, or pest control devices. According to experts, misting mosquitoes is an effective and safer way of killing them than using pesticides. The misting systems available today are 100% effective at eliminating mosquitoes as well as other insects.

Mosquito misting or pest control systems installed at the perimeters of houses are becoming popular. Pyrethrum used for the automated mosquito misting is Pyrethrum. This active ingredient is found in many pest control products and comes from chrysanthemum african daisies. Pyrethum oil is obtained from these seeds. After crushing the seeds, they are burned to repel mosquitoes in tropical areas around the globe.

Pyrethrum does not only kill mosquitoes. It is also used as a pesticide . Using this method of “flushing”, pests can be controlled.

Pyrethrum was registered with the EPA for over three decades. Scientists used this model to develop numerous synthetic insecticides. Natural pyrethrum, a highly efficient and environmentally safe insecticide, can be used in the backyard, garden, courtyard, terrace, porch, swimming pool, etc. Although the system is a professional pest control technician, he or she must be trained to properly install it.

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