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Moldavite to Restore Your Aura Health

Moldavite is a product that can be used to bring back the health of the aura. This can help you get things back in order. You can hold the stone in the palm of your hands, close your eyes, and allow the energies radiating out from the stone to overwhelm you – article source.

This is a very effective approach. This is the one that is often used. This strategy has been widely accepted as the most successful. Moldavite could also be applied to any other areas of your body like your chakras if it feels necessary. This will give you the same result if you do these things. It is possible to apply moldavite to you third eye, to raise your psychic awareness. Another option would be to apply it directly to your heart chakra, to aid in healing any emotional wounds.

You can use it to increase your psychic awareness. You can also apply it to your throat chakra for clairvoyant enhancement. They will still produce the same results regardless of what application they are used for. Moldavite, when applied in the correct manner can heal psychic traumas.

For the greatest enjoyment, ensure that it is made from genuine moldavite. This will allow you to get the most out of all that it has. It is only then that you can get the most from the many opportunities presented to you.

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