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Modular Components

Precast producers can produce concrete modules with roofs, floors, and front and back walls if desired continue reading. The modules can include two sidewalls. Precast modules are not only quick to assemble but also have the added benefit that they can be outfitted and finished at the factory, so the “building block” arrives on site nearly completed.

These units have been used in prisons for many years. Now they are also used in hotel rooms and school classrooms.

Cell blocks are used in the construction of prisons, incarcerations and other justice institutions. Cell blocks can be built on a single level or up to twelve stories high.

Modules can be purchased as monolithic units with four or more cell. This configuration includes a cell for the inmate as well as a vertical “chase”, which is a space between cells, to accommodate MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) facilities.

The modules may be made of steel and have mechanisms for adjusting and “stripping out” the modules.

The modules are finished: the exposed interior walls will be painted with epoxy. The factory will also provide as many electrical, mechanical and plumbing installations as possible. Final fitting is done on the jobsite. Exterior walls made of insulation can be designed to look like sandwich panels and given any architectural treatment.

Steel Cell for Steel Detention Cells

Steel Cell of North America, Inc., has revolutionized the construction of steel cells and detention centers in less than 10 years. Steel Cell of Georgia designs prefabricated modular steel cells that are galvanized and corrosion resistant. Steel Cell units are easy to transport, lightweight and can be customized for the building codes and security requirements of each facility.

Steel Cell ensures customer satisfaction and efficiency. Steel Cell products can be used for new or existing construction.

Steel Cell has gone beyond manufacturing cells. Steel Cell recognized the importance in applying modularization to the other parts of the center. Steel Cells are available in two mechanical chasing configurations: rear mechanical chase or front mechanical chase. You can also choose to include a built-in bathroom.

The cells come in four, eight or more-bed configurations. They also include anti-contraband furniture. Steel Cell manufactures a medical isolation product, and also supplies a modular shower for community use. The team has created two types of detention units for projects within correctional facilities.

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