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Managed Network Services – The best option for your company

Managed Network Services – The best option for your company
The option of managed network services (MNS), which manages MPLS networks, is growing in popularity. It is possible to outsource part or all of your network. A third party will then take care of the agreed tasks. Outsourcing can be used for a variety of tasks including: managing intranets or Internet sites; data storage and continuity in business operations, disaster recovery and managed VPN, check this site.

Managed Network Services offer many advantages
Using managed network services reduces the total cost of running your network. META Group found that switching MPLS and frame relay services to managed services could save you between 17-65 per cent.

Managed Services can be a great solution for both large companies and smaller businesses with limited resources. You can reduce staffing issues that negatively affect your network operation by choosing a managed services company. Your existing IT staff can focus on more critical tasks and less routine ones.

While the advantages of outsourcing your managed services provider are significant, you may also be able to save on other costs, including equipment, staff training or recruitment.

Managed network services – disadvantages
The same applies to outsourcing network services. Be prepared to deal with the risks. It is important to remember that network services do not come in a single size. In order to do this, make sure that you take the time with any provider who is interested in your business. Also, they must propose an appropriate solution. Mention uptimes guaranteed, availability and dependability. Service agreements often include Quality of Service, as well as any other criteria. Check that the network services you receive align with your goals.

Certain managers worry about losing control by outsourcing services such as maintenance of the network. A managed network does not have to be a standard solution. You can choose the services which you feel comfortable with. It is possible to arrange for your own IT staff to handle some services and the managed network service provider to take care of other ones.

Security of the network is also a concern. Your data may have been placed in third-party hands and you’re worried about their safety. You aren’t just worried about your privacy. The law is clear. Your provider should provide you with excellent security. Security of the network is an important issue that can be required by many businesses. Managed services providers who have experience with security and compliance are sought out by many companies.

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