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How to find the best car prices and rates at Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships

You may want to consider a buy here, pay here dealership in West Virginia if you need better options for financing or credit. Some BHPH dealer’s offer their own financing so you do not need to use a regular lender. How much do cars cost at buy-here, pay-here dealerships? Take a look.

Car Rates

Pay later. Due to the increased risk associated with lending money to borrowers that have poor credit ratings, BHPH dealer’s charge higher interest rates. You can expect to pay between 15% and 25% on an auto loan in average. It is possible to spend several hundred dollars just on the interest of a typical 60-month auto loan.

Car Costs

Depending on what type of car you choose, and how it is built, the price of your vehicle can be very different. A used car can be purchased at a dealership that offers buy here, pay here for between $10,000 to $15,000 on average. Because of the added expense and interest rate for in-house financing, these prices can be higher than the price you might pay for an equivalent car at a normal dealership.

The price of vehicle insurance and its influence

The prices of cars at Buy Here Pay Here dealerships can vary depending on many factors. The factors include age and condition of the vehicle, loan size and term, as well as loan duration. Interest rates are also based on your credit and income.

The price can be affected significantly by many factors such as age, condition and credit history. Always do some research to determine the most suitable vehicle and financing options for your needs and finances.

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