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Glossiness of moldavites

Glossiness is another aspect that isn’t uniform in moldavites. We can recognize several colors of as well as different degrees of gloss. Although gloss can vary on the outside of a moldavites, its interior is consistent – go here.

The majority of collectors prefer shiny moldavites, but the matte options have their own charm.

The gloss levels in moldavites

Without gloss (velvety).




Very glossy (glassy and varnishy).

Moldavite gloss is strongly influenced and influenced by its surrounding rocks. In areas with sandy gravel sediment, you can find glossy moldavites. The matte ones, on the other hand, are found in clay sediments. Moldavites that were transported by long rivers have a matte surface.

Once a moldavite has been extracted from sediment, its shine will begin changing. Unfortunately, moldavites gradually lose their original gloss. Most noticeable in old finds is this. The surface of some moldavites found in museums has a tarnished appearance. The surface is tarnished by toxic substances in the air. It happens very slowly, but it is quite rare.

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