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From Dream to Driveway – How to Score a Tesla with Out Breaking The Bank” la “A Used Tesla

Lets’ buy a Tesla while not sounding like we’re at a boardroom, or a scifi novel go to my site. Let’s be honest: Teslas have a cool look. It’s true. Their price tags, you say? Their price tags? The idea of purchasing an older Tesla could be very useful.

Imagine bringing a Tesla keyfob to a gathering. It would make your name known throughout the city. You can buy used models to save money instead of buying a brand-new one. It’s similar to finding a designer jacket for a fraction of the price in a thrift-store. The same style at a lower price.

When you buy used, it’s easy to assume that the car will be old. Teslas are different from your average car. They age like wine almost. Because they are electric, there is less chance of them breaking down or wearing out. Choose a Tesla which has already been out on the road (or for several thousands of miles), and it will run better than any new gas guzzler.

You should always start by checking certain things. You would always check battery health first, as you would do with your smartphone. You wouldn’t buy a phone that had to be recharged every hour. See if the software has been updated and look at the warranty. Nobody wants an old vehicle.

Many older models also include features that have been removed from the more recent models. Some models have a crazy mode that will make your commute seem like you are rocketing to space.

If the seller tells you everything will be fine, don’t listen to them. Do your homework. You can research the history of the car as you might a former love on social networking sites.

And mileage? In the world of electric cars, high numbers don’t necessarily mean bad news. Electric motors will continue to work even after being abused.

If private sellers make you feel like you are navigating a maze with blindfolds, check out certified preowned vehicles sold by Tesla or other trusted dealers. If you want to be sure that your Tesla is in good condition, it will cost more.

It’s more than a fantasy, or something to add to “When i win the lottery list”. If you’re patient and do some smart shopping, it is possible to drive a car for less money.

It’s just not worth it to drive boring automobiles. Who can say? It’s hard to say.

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