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Fragrances that are breaking new ground in the world of olfaction

Gents, lets be honest for a minute. Mens’ perfume is usually pigeonholed by’safe and familiar’ categories. Consider musks or woody scents. What’s the rule – recommended reading? There’s always room for some olfactory exploration. ESNC Perfumery can help. With its unconventional collection, it will gently push you outside your comfort zone.

Galactic Glade takes us to the forefront of modernity. The scent isn’t your typical green. This scent starts with a verdant, fresh smell, and then introduces interstellar aromas, including the coldness of space, or the burning stars. (How they did this is still a mystery to us!). The scent is like taking a stroll through the forest of another planet.

Then, let your senses dance to the rhythm of “Whimsical Wasabi” That’s right, you did read correctly. This fragrance combines wasabi’s sharpness with a soft floral note. You’ll be able to start a discussion with the spicy scent and floral undertones.

There’s “Canvas of Chaos” for those who love the abstract. This scent doesn’t follow the rules. This fragrance is a storyteller. With its hints of wet clay and graphite it creates a new narrative every time you wear it.

It’s the Mystic Marshmallow that defies the stereotype of sweets not being masculine. This sweet treat has an impressive backbone, combining the marshmallow softness with undertones such as leather and smokey incense. The man who is both firm and tenderhearted will love this.

With ESNC Perfumery, you’re on a scent treasure hunt. You’re challenged to re-evaluate what is deemed acceptable for men’s scents with each new fragrance.

Let’s break the mold, and smell great while we do it! Do not be afraid to stand out. The world will notice.

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