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Flagpoles for Sale

Flagpoles of extraordinary stature can cost thousands of pounds and are among the most expensive. $10,000 might get you a commercial aluminum eighty-foot metal pole. This website is the most expensive. More practical residential poles will be those that are shorter, more affordable, and more compact.

All hardware can be included in kits for flagpoles. A residential flagpole of 15 feet aluminum with an exterior halyard system costing $500 would likely come with a flag, ball for the tip, pulleys or “truck assembly”, snap hooks to stop the flag from banging against it, and instructions for assembly.

These halyard systems can be more expensive because they take longer to create.

Fiberglass flagpoles are generally more expensive than aluminum because they have a lower wear rate. The demand for bronze is higher, so it is even more costly. Because it is practically invincible steel, it tends to the most expensive.

There are many flagpole dealers to choose. A good way to locate one is to search the local yellow pages, or go online and do a search for flagpoles.

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