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Every home produces 20 pounds of hazardous materials per year

Do you want to be part or solution, read this?

According to US Government data, the average US household emits approximately 20 pounds worth of hazardous materials each year. In our affluent region, I would say we are adding more than this average. A 500-home subdivision may contribute to hazardous waste, which is approximately 11,000 lbs per year. My guess is that this was not due to a lack in concern but simply because people didn’t realise these common items were dangerous.

Many of us would certainly not consider the everyday trash we produce “hazardous”. If you do happen to toss household batteries into your trash or throw light-bulbs away, this adds to a toxic brew of chemical waste that is leaching in our soil and, eventually, into our drinking water.

List of Hazardous Materials

Paint thinners (oil based), aerosols, CFL Florescents and CFL paints – all contain mercury.

We can all do this:

Keep a collection box for fluorescent light waste, don’t flush unwanted solvents in the sewer or water. If your city has an area for the disposal of hazardous waste, check to make sure they have one. These items are taken by one of the Fire Stations near me at set times on weekends.

You need to handle electronic devices differently. There may be an electronics collection event in your community. If so, check your local authority and find out when the next electronics collection day is. This stuff should never be dumped in regular garbage. Local governments would like us to collect items of this nature so that they may be properly disposed.

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