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Electro-Electrical Issues With Electronic Water Softener

While the best electronic softeners offer the most effective and convenient way to deal with hard water in the home, they still have the same electrical issues as any other appliance. These are the common issues and solutions for electronic water-softeners. Discover more!

The lack of electricity

Your electronic water-softener will not start if the power supply is out. The first thing to do is make sure that you have the correct plug in place and that power is being applied. When the outlet seems to work, then the problem is likely with the cable.

Notifications about errors

Error codes have been built in to many of the modern electronic softeners. They can be used as a diagnostic tool. For a full list of possible error messages as well as how to solve them, read through the user manual. It may only take a quick reset in some cases to resolve the issue.

Dripping Pipes

The water should be turned off immediately if you see water leaking out from the softener. After that, you should inspect your device for loose connection, rusty metal terminals and any cracks. Replace any broken or worn parts, and check that all connections remain secure.

Having problems with your sensors

Some models of water softeners use sensors to detect mineral levels in the water. Incorrect mineral detection due to dirty, or damaged sensors could cause the unit’s performance to be affected. Clean the detectors and wipe them with a clean soft cloth. Look for damages or other issues. The sensors need to be replaced if they are cracked.

There is a problem with the coils.

The coils of the electronic water softener generate the electromagnetic wave that is used for the treatment of water. The ability of the unit to treat water depends on how well the waves are working. Keep an eye out for damaged or worn-out locks. You can replace or repair coils as needed.

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