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Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Flower Crowns

Flower crowns have always been in style and can range from small individual flowers, tucked in hair to roses and corsages tucked into the breast pocket of jackets. If you’re trying to ensure that your flower crown look fabulous, there are some things to keep in your mind. More about the author?

Do List

Pick flowers that can withstand the elements. Some flowers will fade rapidly or become dull, therefore it is important to select blooms that will last throughout the day. Florist courses are available in Melbourne in order to educate you the best flowers to use. Additionally, you may consult a local flower shop for more information.

Take into consideration the length and position of the crown. This is largely dependent upon your personal style. Certain brides love it to have flowers that fall beautifully across their foreheads, while others prefer when their crown is farther in the back. Whatever you choose, regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding or any other event be sure that the hairstyle you choose matches in harmony with the hairstyle you’re planning to wear.

Always keep a backup strategy. If you’re concerned about your crown lasting, purchase a replacement. It is possible to preserve the crown’s colour by storing your second crown in an appropriate manner. Then, when the first one begins to lose its attractiveness, switch it to a fresh one. With regards to the natural beauty of the crown of flowers can alter throughout the time.

It is the Do Not List

Don’t lose your crown. In the event of having a custom-made crown, the dimensions of your head need to be determined to ensure the crown fits exactly. Every flower crown needs to be made specifically for you to ensure that it doesn’t fall off as you dance or mingle. If you’re worried about a loose crown make use of some bobby pins to secure it without ruining your look.

You shouldn’t be compromising your style. Do not be scared to make your wedding crown distinctive. The crown you choose to wear can be made in accordance with your personality and the theme for your wedding.

When you take these tips and do not’s into account it is possible to rock any occasion, but especially the big day, with the most beautiful flower crown. Melbourne florists can supply with the floral arrangements to create an amazing crown no matter what style it is. You could consider attending florist courses in Melbourne to improve your knowledge and the inspiration to make the crown of your dreams. If you’re not interested in design your own flower crown, it is possible to purchase it by contacting a florist.

A talented wedding florist on the Mornington Peninsula

Bloom & Bush creates unique flowers that evoke your event’s setting and personal ideas for the celebration. The Rosebud Location is open to Peninsula clients. Learn how to make your own flower crown at one of our flower crown workshops that are great for bridal showers and birthday parties. baby showers, mothers’ groups, or for team construction.

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