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Disposal of Hazardous Waste: Protecting the environment

Amlon Port Allen has a strong commitment to the environment and to environmentally responsible practices. Amlon Port Allen operates the Port Allen Facility and has led the way in reclaiming hazardous oil secondary materials while maintaining the highest levels of safety – extra resources!

Any industrial facility, but especially those in Louisiana with their stringent environmental laws and regulations must ensure that hazardous wastes are properly managed. Amlon Port Allen is aware of the seriousness of the responsibility it has and have developed a complete strategy to reduce risks associated hazardous waste disposal.

Amlon Port Allen’s innovative processes and strict safety standards are the core of their approach. Using cutting-edge separation technologies, Amlon Port Allen maximizes the recovery of valuable oils from hazardous oil-bearing secondary materials while minimising any potential environmental impact. The commitment they have to innovation is what sets them apart from other companies in the dangerous waste recycling industry.

Amlon Port Allen also places strong emphasis, along with technological innovation, on regulatory compliance. All relevant Louisiana hazardous waste regulations are followed, including permits and licenses. In collaboration with experts and agencies, the company makes sure that all operations comply with high standards.

Amlon Port Allen is aware that collaborative efforts are required to dispose of hazardous wastes effectively. To foster collaborations and to share information, they actively work with communities, governments, and other stakeholder groups. Amlon Port Allen’s holistic waste management approach promotes sustainability and environmental stewardship by engaging all parties.

Amlon Port Allen takes its corporate responsibility seriously and is committed to involvement in the local community. Beyond their operations, they contribute to the sustainable future of Louisiana. With outreach programs and educational projects, they promote environmental awareness, safety, and the well-being in the communities they serve.

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