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Crystal Healing Alchemy – For the Soul & Body

Earth’s consciousness helps humanity awaken to the ancient healing arts of crystals and other forgotten forms. The crystals are part the mineralogical realm continue reading. They are universal energies that allow you connect and synthesize different energies to heal or integrate. Each crystal has its personality and can help you understand the Earth in many different ways. Crystals, the gift of nature for mankind, come in different shapes and size. Crystals are different in their vibrational resonance due to the mineral content, geometry inherent and color frequency. These powerful tools can also be utilized as healing aids.

The crystal healing method involves placing gemstones or crystals on or around the body. The crystals can also be used for stimulating the points of the feet. You can use the same crystal color on each chakra. This will increase energy flow. The crystal can be held in the hands and used to meditate. These crystals may be used on multiple levels to heal. They can help restore energy balance and clear blocked energy.

As crystals are perfect electronic conductors, they can interact with the vibrational energy of your body. The resonance of crystals activates energy centers that positively impact the entire system. Minerals rich crystals are often used in modern medicine. These crystals can be used as piezoelectric devices. It means that they can generate light and electricity by compressing and soundwaves. Since ancient times, crystal healers and shamans know that the vibrations of light and sound can be focused by crystals to produce a concentrated energy beam. These crystals were used to align subliminal energies, dissolve illness and get to the root of problems.

Crystals have existed and been used since the dawning of civilisation. For thousands of year, crystals were linked with specific parts and organs of the human anatomy. Most of these connections derive from Eastern and Western Astrology. Crystals can be used for healing in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and India’s Ayurvedic Records. These formulas go back over 5,000 years. Even today, these formulas can be found on medical prescriptions. Crystals appear in the Christian Bible over 200 times. In the ruins of Babylonia as well in tombs belonging to Chinese rulers, crystals have been discovered. Quartz crystals are used by many ancient cultures (including the American Indians and Aztecs).

It is up to each individual to take responsibility for their own health. The use of crystals is a way to speed up the process. Choose a crystal which best captures you energy. To help identify the best crystals, crystal healing indices are available. These powerful crystalline elements are sacred tools that help us on our spiritual journeys. They can be used as gateways for personal development, harmony, health, and healing. Crystal healing is the alchemical process of combining crystal energy with our vibrational core to create divine clearness.

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