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Compaq Support – Stay stress free!

Compaq-branded computing devices have been pulled from the market click for source. HP. Compaq. Company continues to offer all kinds of support. Guest Posting HP understands the popularity.

Compaq supports all Compaq products, such as Compaq Business Notebooks (Compaq NC6000), Presario and Compaq Evo. They cover all hardware and software problems according to the end user’s needs. Hardware support comes free under the limited hardware warranty that lasts a little over a year. The Compaq user manual and warranty details can be found on the official website. This Limited Warranty is valid for all Compaq-branded products sold by HP and its worldwide affiliates or subsidiaries. It also applies to authorized resellers in each country. Some of the products are also covered by an International support warranty, which helps users to work efficiently with Compaq products wherever they may be. The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase. At the time you get a support call, you might have to bring the proof of purchase in order to be entitled to support.

Compaq offers remote technical assistance for issues with software, such as installation of updates, upgrade, and repair. HP Total Care is a package that offers software support for a period of 1 to 3 years. The package includes an exchange service, installation, 1 year warranty products, PC Tune-up Service, and out of warranty support. Users can still get support from sameCompaq’s Technical Support even if they need to configure, troubleshoot, and setup third party products or software. The one-on-one support is intended to offer end-toend user assistance in a simple and fast manner. Support is also available for webcams as well as other gadgets that have been introduced and digital photography. Subscription packages are available, and users can select the most affordable and convenient package for their needs.

Third-party support companies are also available to assist the users. Tech support firms are usually independent, which means that they do not have a connection to software or hardware vendors. They can therefore help people make the most of their investments. These portals continue their support even when the product is out of warranty. Unlimited support, availability of subject-matter-experts and round-the-clock accessibility, are a few key benefits of relying on such portals. And, service-level-assurance is just an icing on the cake, putting the ball in the clients’ court. You can also connect to the troubleshooting area for free. It is important to have a good understanding of Windows, because most of the diagnostics and troubleshooting tools come from Microsoft.

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