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Asian Blepharoplasty: The Most Popular Treatment For Asians

This is where the word “Asian” eyelid surgery comes from. The correct term would be Oriental blepharoplasty, or “Oriental eyeslid surgery procedure”. Scientists refer to the reshaping and refashioning the eyelids as blepharoplasty. The Oriental blepharoplasty is sometimes combined with a double-eyelid procedure.

Many people with Oriental or mixed descent desire the Oriental skin fold on the eyelid. Chinese and Japanese celebrities, models and actors use tape and glue as temporary techniques to achieve this, discover more.

Some Orientals have an eyelid crease, but only half. Many Asians have their eyelids reshaped to make them wider and rounder. Other people choose to have surgery in order to change a single eyelid (without a wrinkle) into two doubles with creases. Asians are more likely than Caucasians, for example, to undergo double eyelid surgeries in order make their eyes look younger or remove bags.

Closed thread/suture as well as an open incision can be used by surgeons to enhance the skin’s appearance.

The suture technique uses simple stitches to create a upper eyelid fold. These sutures go through the upper-eyelid structure. The procedure is simple, since there’s no incision required. It is popular for its rapid recovery. Suture techniques have the disadvantage of not addressing additional factors. They include fat, muscles and redundant tissue. Asymmetry can increase over time and folds may disappear.

The second method is the open-incision, which involves making a tiny incision into the eyelid just to the left of the desired fold. With this technique the upper eyelid anatomy can be easily seen by the surgeon, who is able to visualize his/her actions. There are many techniques which use an open cut. Partial incision double eyelid surgeries are one option. To align the upper lid cuts, a tiny amount of tissue and stitching is used.

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