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You may be friends or even in the course of forming a relationship, 4 Easy Ways!

What can you tell if it’s a romance or just friends? Do you have a way to know what he is feeling without pestering him or his friends to find out the answers? What can you discover from his body expressions? Did he say what you believed he was saying is he saying something else, go here? You can never know the emotion he’s experiencing by asking him.

Consider a second to consider how friendships can develop into love in one or two steps. It is also possible to learn what he would like to hear. Curious? Then keep reading…

Don’t be afraid of telling him what you consider to be your opinion.

Don’t be afraid; let loose a bit. Take a risk. You don’t have to hit him in the head by a sharp object in order to signal to him that you’d like to go in a different, much more interesting (i.e. romantic) direction, but If he’s got no notion that you’re interested in him but he’s likely to be hesitant to reveal how you really feel. You’ll likely be delighted to learn that you believe he’s attractive. It’s better to determine the moment if he’s not going to be interested rather than be patient and hope. Isn’t that right?

Second: Don’t be expecting too many things in too short a time!

Don’t stress about getting an answer. If you get an unanticipated answer, do not jump to conclusions. I can honestly say that some of my most amazing relationships started when we were “just friends” and it seemed like they were destined to stay that way until suddenly, they just “blossomed” into… romantic love! If you want your friendship to grow into a romantic relationship it’s important to build an enduring friendship.

Third, do not engage in games.

Be authentic. Be honest. Let your emotions be known. There’s no one-size fits all approach to taking relationships that was “just friends” to the next stage. Actually, it could never happen in the first place. But, if you’re not honest, authentic and honest with him (and yourself! It doesn’t matter if it does or doesn’t because any relationship built on lies will fail.

If it blossoms into romance, you will build a solid foundation for the relationship and have greater chances of being successful in the future.

Fourth, get a love reading with an experienced psychic.

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