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What is a Global Moldavite Reserve?

Moldavite has intrigued enthusiasts and collectors around the globe. This rare mineral was created when a large meteorite hit the Earth surface over 15 million years. Due to its high demand and scarce supply, moldavite remains elusive. Extra resources!

Moldavite’s availability is unknown worldwide. The mineral is unique and only occurs in certain parts of the Czech Republic due to the impact caused by the meteor. Moldavite may be found in small amounts around the globe, ranging from several hundred pounds up to thousands of tons.

Moldavite, however rare and limited in supply, is still a precious gemstone. Moldavite can be found at new sites, but they’re becoming more difficult to find as collectors try to acquire this gorgeous gemstone.

Moldavite, despite its rarity, remains an attractive and popular gemstone. This appeal is unlikely to diminish any time soon. The stunning hue and special qualities of Moldavite make it an Earthly Treasure.

Moldavite’s rarity is what makes it so valuable and desirable to collectors. A piece of the rare, exquisite Moldavite is a connection to history.

Moldavite, a rare, precious gemstone, is sought after by enthusiasts and collectors. Moldavite can be a real earthen treasure that is worth hunting down and cherished, no matter if you are a gemstone collector with experience or just getting started.

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