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The Sparkle of Your Carpet Can Be Dramatically Reduced in High Traffic Zones

If you’ve ever walked on a newly cleaned carpet and felt its softness, or smelt its scent, then you know the feeling of bliss. You may have recently hired a team of professionals, such as a “carpet cleaning North Shore” company. They probably gave you some tips on how to maintain that clean feeling. While all areas of the carpet can be damaged, the ones with the highest traffic tend to get the worst treatment. Have you ever wondered why some spots are so stubborn to clean? Unravel this mystery.

What is the wear and tear of busy zones – extra resources?

The areas with high foot traffic, such as the area in front of the sofa, the hallway or the path from the kitchen into the living room are constantly flooded by people. Dirt, grime and other particles from the outside are dragged into these zones the most. Imagine that every time you enter the home after an outdoor rainy activity or a day of gardening, the dirt from your shoes is deposited onto the carpet.

These areas are also more prone to dirt accumulation and are also affected by the friction of heavy foot traffic. Combining the constant pressure with gritty particles slowly wears down the fibers of the carpet, giving it a worn-out, lackluster look. These spots will lose their sheen more quickly than the corners that are less used.

Stains and Spills: The regular visitors

A high traffic area is also more likely to have spills. You may have noticed that the hallway, living room, or kitchen floor has seen its share of pet mess, coffee spills or snacks dropped. The staining process is unique to each stain. This, combined with the daily wear and tear, can make these surfaces more difficult to maintain.

What Can You Do to Combat This Problem?

It’s important to vacuum regularly, but it is also crucial that you remove stains as soon as possible. By blotting the stains instead of rubbing them, you can stop them from spreading. It can make a huge difference to hire professional carpet cleaners on a regular basis, particularly for high traffic areas. Rugs or runners can also be used in high-traffic areas to provide protection as well as style. To ensure they wear evenly, rotate them periodically.

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