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Bobcat E35 Excavator Specifications: Precision, power, and versatility

Bobcat E35 Compact Excavator has a high level of precision and power. This excavator can also be used for landscaping or excavation. Contractors and operators who want high productivity are attracted to its robust specs and wide compatibility. This article will highlight the E35 excavator specs from Boom & Bucket.


Engine Bobcat E35 comes with a powerful diesel engine. It is ideal for many excavation jobs. Although the exact engine model can vary depending on region and production year, they are typically between 33-33.3% horsepower. This engine is designed to deliver reliable performance and efficiency in even the most demanding of applications.

Operating Weigh: For stability and efficiency, the Bobcat E35 has a weight that ranges between 7,477 and 8,424 pounds (between 3,392 and 3,820 kilograms) depending on configurations and optional features. It includes all the standard features, including tracks and fuel. Stability is improved by a well-balanced weight during lifting and digging operations.

Diving Depth: An important specification of any excavator, its digging depth determines whether it is capable of excavating to different depths. Bobcat E35 has a standard digging depth between 10.2 and 11.1 feet, or 3.1 to 3.4 metres. This depends on configuration. The Bobcat E35 is suitable for various excavation projects, including utility installation, foundation work and trenching.

Capacity of Bucket: Bobcat E35 is available with different bucket sizes that can meet the needs for excavation or material handling. Buckets can be sized from 12 inches to 24 inch (30.5 cm to 61cm) and more depending on specific applications. The size of the bucket depends on both the materials being dug up and the productivity desired.

Maximum reach: Bobcat E35 also offers a maximum reaching capability. The Bobcat E35 has a reach that ranges anywhere from 17.4 feet to 18.7 foot (5.3 meters to 5.7 metres), making it easy for operators to get to and work on different surfaces without constantly moving the machine.

Bucket and Arm Breakout Force: Bobcat E35 designed for efficient material handling and digging. The arm’s breakout force is between 2,168 and 2,313 kilos, while the bucket’s breakout force can range anywhere from 7,417 – 8,328 lbs. This ensures that the E35 will be able to handle even tougher excavation tasks.

Traveling Speed: For efficient travel between jobsites and work areas the Bobcat E35 offers an average maximum speed of around 2,8 miles per hour (4,5 kilometers per hour), when fitted with rubber track. It allows the operator to easily move and transport their machine from one location to another.

Hydraulic Pressure and Flow: Achieving hydraulic performance in an excavator is critical. The E35 delivers. Hydraulic pressure is around 3.046 psi and the hydraulic flow rate averages 15.8 gallon per minute. This specification ensures that the E35 will be able to run various hydraulic attachments like hydraulic breakers and augers.

Comfort Features and the Operator: Bobcat E35 was designed with operator productivity and comfort in mind. This Bobcat features a large and ergonomic cabin with great visibility and easy-to reach controls. A comfortable suspension seat is also included. It can also be fitted with air conditioning or heating options to keep the operator comfortable in all weather conditions. A touch screen display is also available on the E35 for better control and monitoring.

Accessories and Versatility Bobcat E35 has a high degree of versatility. This machine can come with an array of attachments such as buckets hydraulic breakers augers grapples etc. Due to its versatility, the E35 excels in a variety of tasks from digging trenches and excavating to handling materials and clearing land. This quick-change system allows you to quickly switch between various attachments. It increases productivity at the work site.

Tracks & Undercarriage: Bobcat E35 is equipped with rubber tracks, which are durable and provide excellent traction – even when on difficult terrain. This design increases the durability of this machine and its longevity. It also reduces maintenance costs.

Bobcat E35 Compact Excavator, in summary, is designed to be a powerful machine that offers precision, power and versatility for excavation and materials handling. The Bobcat E35 compact excavator is well-suited to a number of different applications thanks to a robust engine and impressive depths and reach. With its spacious cabin, user-friendly features and great visibility, it’s a good choice for operators looking to maximize productivity while maintaining comfort. Bobcat E35 delivers exceptional efficiency and performance whether you’re trenching or digging foundations.