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Portland’s Top Plastic Surgeons — Who can I rely on?

Portland’s plastic surgeons are among the best in Oregon.

Mark Jewell MD stands apart from other doctors. Due to his decades of experience, Mark Jewell MD can be considered a legend in the field. Mark Jewell MD’s natural and beautiful results have been praised. Mark Jewell MD doesn’t only do cosmetic procedures like nips and ticks. Join our community and visit uslearn more about our initiatives.

Lisa Sowder can make you feel very comfortable. She will listen to all your concerns.

Michael Bohley has been referred by many patients to Portland’s top plastic surgeons. They love his direct and honest style. It’s not about sarcasm and sugar-coating. It’s all about giving the patient clear and concise instructions.

Kathleen Waldorf offers non-surgical treatments to her patients to help them meet their needs without undergoing surgery. The clinic is in a relaxed environment, which adds to patient comfort.

Do not forget the Dr. David Magilke. This specialist is known to be thorough and meticulous during consultations.

You should choose Dr. Ronald DeMars for your breast or body surgery. He has an impressive portfolio which shows his expertise in the field. Women who have visited his clinic now feel confident.

There is no shortage of surgeons that offer personalized results. Richard Bensimon may be a lesser-known surgeon, but he has followers who are loyal to his results.

This is why it’s important to be comfortable. These clinics stand out.

When I met my friend, Dr. John Doe, she told me that she felt frightened and scared to death. Within minutes of meeting him, he made her smile.

Before you make a decision about any type of cosmetic surgery, it is vital that you do some research. Consult with others, review reviews and arrange several consultations.

It’s tempting to hire someone because they have a lot more Instagram followers than you or because their name has been in prestigious publications. But fame is not synonymous with high-quality service.

Portland is the home of some amazing plastic surgeons. Their skill combined with genuine compassion for patients makes them a rare breed. If you are considering major life change, the combination of skills and care is more important than gold.