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Keep Your carpets and Rugs looking fresh for many years!

You’ve probably experienced this moment: the one when your once-pristine rug or carpet starts to show signs of wear. Consider giving your carpet or rug some love and care before replacing it. What you might not realize is how simple maintenance like regular carpet cleaning can dramatically extend their lifespan. Using these DIY tricks, you can keep your carpets and floor coverings looking great for longer. Review our services.

1. Vacuuming regularly is important: dust, dirt, and other particles can cause carpet fibres to wear over time. Vacuuming regularly, at least every week will ensure these abrasive dust particles are eliminated. Not only will this maintain the appearance of your carpet, but it can also help to prevent its premature wear.

2. It is important to treat stains immediately. The longer the spill remains, it will be harder to remove. Take action immediately! Act fast! Remember to use a soft, clean cloth and blot the liquid spill (but do not rub!). Rubbing can actually make the stain more intense. Mix white vinegar with water to remove stains naturally.

3. Rotate Rugs. Areas with heavy traffic may wear faster. You can give your rug an even appearance by rotating it every few months.

4. Avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause carpets to fade. Use blinds or shades to block direct sunlight from your floor coverings if you place them in a sun-filled area.

5. Professional deep cleaning While it is not completely do-it-yourself, getting your carpets cleaned professionally at least one time a year will make a big difference. Consider it a rejuvenating spa experience for your carpets and floor coverings.

6. Protective pads: Use protective pads to protect your carpet or rug if you plan on placing furniture over it. The pads will protect your carpet from wear and prevent any pressure marks.

7. Use Carpet Fresheners. Spread some baking soda onto your carpet. Let it sit there for a couple of hours and vacuum. The baking soda acts as a naturally deodorizer to keep your carpets smelling good.

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