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How to Clean Carpets in Homes with Dogs

It is no secret that pets can make a great addition to any family. However, they may cause carpet cleaning issues. Keep your rug looking fresh when you own pets. This is due to normal wear and tears, shedding and accidents. For carpets that are spotless in homes with pets, here are some helpful tips provided by carpet cleaning gordon – read here?

A Quality Vacuum to Purchase

Vacuuming is one way that you can keep pet dander, hair and fur under control. Choose a HEPA vacuum filter with strong suction if you are looking to efficiently remove pet hair.

Pet grooming regularly

The regular grooming of your pets can prevent pet hair from collecting on the carpet and reduce shedding. You can keep your pets feeling and looking good by brushing them often to get rid of stray fur. If you want to make your pets look and feel their best, consider hiring professional grooming.

Teach Your Animals

Although accidents do happen, you should teach your pets to reduce their harm. For your dog to be less bored and more active, offer them plenty of playtime and outdoor activities.

Resolve Mishaps Quickly

For your pet to not leave odors behind, you must clean up all spills as soon they occur on the floor. Cleaning up spills immediately with a damp cloth is the best way to avoid odors and stains.

Use protective covers. Covering your carpet with protective covers helps to prevent dander, stains or odors coming from pets. Think about using furniture or area rug covers to cover high-traffic furniture.

Take the time to hire a carpet cleaner.

Even if you maintain your carpet regularly, over time pet danders and hair can build up on it. For a thorough cleaning of your carpets that will remove any remaining odors and stains you should hire a professional cleaner.

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