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How Big Is Meal-Prep Companies

Recently, many people have started to take more care of their health because they are less busy. But how big are meal prep businesses? Take a look at the market size and its rapid growth. Discover more!

Research suggests that the global market for meal prep is worth approximately $7 billion. The US meal delivery industry is expected to be worth $19.3B by 2027. This indicates that there is a significant demand for meal prep services in the food business.

There is a broad range of size options for meal preparation businesses. They can be small and local or large conglomerates. HelloFresh (Blue Apron), Freshly, and Freshly, are just some of the well-known meal-prep services. These businesses have been able to grow rapidly and are now household names.

Many meal-prep services can be found in local businesses. These services include vegan and paleo meal prep. They might only serve a small clientele, but they excel at customizing their services to each individual.

The popularity of meal prep has also been influenced by fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are passionate about healthy eating. Numerous meal preparation services provide customized meal plans for their clients.

Recent growth in the number of meal-prep business has been due to a growing need for efficient time management. Additionally, consumers want quick and healthy meal options that aren’t compromising on nutrition. By delivering ready to eat meals right to your doorstep, meal delivery services fulfill a growing need.

Globally, the sector that specializes in pre-planning meals is growing fast. It now accounts for $7 billion. While some firms stay small and only serve their local markets, others have expanded to national chains. These businesses are poised to grow in the years ahead as they serve consumers’ needs for convenience and better nutritional quality.

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