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Gordon’s favorite place to hear clean and funny jokes, the Carpet Comedy Club.

We welcome you to our most exclusive cleaning club – important link. The team is reinventing carpet cleaning in this maze, amongst the carpets and stain, using a humorous twist. You may have thought that carpet cleaning involved tedious tasks and boredom. But you’d be wrong. Once you’ve entered this world of funny carpet cleaning, the laughter is contagious and there are many clever one-liners. The emcee declares “Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the most fun stain removal of your lives!” The audience applauds. They are not just any cleaning crew. These guys can make the toughest stains disappear with laughter.

Each carpet is approached with the same confidence as seasoned comics. They carry their reliable cleaning supplies, and are prepared to make a funny joke for any spills. You look like Mr. Grape Juice did a moonwalk, so we will show you the ‘clean dancing’ to get you out. From the legends about the enigmatic monster lurking under the sofa, to the tale of the hairball which appeared out of nowhere, they’ve heard everything. Their stain-removing skills are only outdone by their ability to tell stories.

It’s not just the comedy that makes the Carpet Comedy Club stand out; it’s their passion for carpet cleaning. These carpet whisperers are experts in carpets and stains. The carpet whisperers move like dancers around the furniture of your home, turning a routine task into an impressive show. Carpet cleaning would be a gold medal event if it were held at the Olympics. The next time carpet cleaning is needed in Gordon, do yourself a big favor by stopping at carpet cleaning gordon.

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