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Forex Trading as a Source of Income for Intelligent Investors

An investor’s income can be generated by forex trading. Forex trading does not require much capital but can produce unlimited income, depending upon the strategy resources by the forex traders. Trading shares is not the only way to trade forex.

1. The amount you will have to invest is small.
Only USD250 is required to open an online trading account. Majority of forex brokers have what they call “mini”, “micro” and “standard” trading accounts. The beginners can use this to gain an understanding of the markets and trade with more money. With shares, futures, or options you cannot trade forex. Minimum investment for forex trading USD1000. A USD250 small investment could be sufficient to double potential profits over a period of a few months, depending on trading frequency and skills.

2. Transaction costs are low
The usual trading fees such as stamp duty, clearing fees and government fees do not apply. Broker fees do not apply, however we still have to go through brokers. This is how much they get paid. The difference between selling and buying prices.

3. Trade at any hour of the night.
The forex or fx markets are open 24 hours every day. Singapore or Malayisa forex markets open at 6am on Mondays and close at 6am on Saturdays. You are free to set the hours of trading that suit you best, no matter whether you’re a full-time professional or homemaker. It is possible to trade forex in part time before you commit fully. It will not be possible if your trading involves other instruments.

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