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Forex Trading – An Income Source to the Intelligent Investors

Investors can make money from Forex trading. Forex trading doesn’t require much capital. It can also generate endless income, depending on which strategies are used. Forex trading is a great alternative to shares trading, read this.

1. The capital you will require to start investing is minimal.
For USD250, all you need to open an trading account is USD250. Many forex brokers will offer you a mini or micro trading account. This allows beginners to have a better understanding of the market. Trading forex isn’t possible using options, futures, or shares. USD1000 is the minimum required investment for forex trading. An investment of just USD250 may be sufficient to increase your profit potential by up to 50% per month depending on your trading abilities and frequency.

2. Transaction costs are very low
Trading shares is free of the typical fees such as government fees, clearing fees, and stamp duty. We do not need broker fees, however we must still trade through brokers. This is their fee for services. These are the price difference between selling and buying.

3. It is possible to trade any time you like.
Forex markets or the fx market are open 24/7. You can trade forex if you are located in Malayisa, Singapore, or Malayisa. The Forex market opens at 6 am on Mondays and closes at 6:30 on Saturdays. You are free to set your own trading hours, no matter whether you’re professional or a homemaker. Forex trading can be done part-time without having to commit. Trading other instruments will prevent you from being able to trade forex.

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