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CPR Training: It’s Important

Imagine Uncle Joe passes out unexpectedly while your entire family is together learn more. Fear descends. Are you prepared? CPR is intended to help you do that. It is like having a secret power that can be activated anytime.

It isn’t difficult to do CPR. It involves rescue breathing and compressions of the chest. But don’t be deceived by the simplicity of it; this simple technique can save lives. What do you already know? It is not necessary to be a physician in order to learn about it.

It’s understandable that you may wonder why anyone would bother with CPR instruction, especially since emergency services can be reached by phone. What’s shocking is that, during a cardiac event, every second counts. In just minutes, brain damage can occur without oxygenated circulation. While you wait for an ambulance, the condition of your hands may determine whether or not you live.

Know what the bystander effects is? It is a phenomenon in which people tend to be less willing to help someone who’s distressed when there are other people around. Everyone expects another person to help in an urgent situation. You can be the hero and help others instead of passively watching.

Let’s get right to it and see how CPR can be learned through the many courses available, including those offered in community centers and on the internet. Each step is broken down to make it easy for anyone, including those with two left legs, to follow.

My friend told me once about his experience when he completed a CPR training course. He claimed it was like learning to dance, but more potentially life-saving. Teachers used a variety of techniques to teach important lessons.

Imagine yourself in the middle of an airplane flight, hearing about someone who is in immediate need. No doctor on board? You are capable of handling it. If you’re making an extreme move, such as landing in an emergency or performing CPR on someone else, the airline will often ask about your CPR training.

CPR is not only beneficial for adults, but also children! Because basic life support skills can be beneficial to anyone, schools are including them in their curricula.

Are you aware that different techniques are required for newborns compared to adults? Yes! If the infant is younger than one year, two fingers can be used instead of a full hand compression, or mild puffs in place.

Some people worry that doing CPR wrong will do more harm than good. You can rest assured that taking action in the event a cardiac emergency is always better than doing nothing at all.

Consider getting certified by agencies like the American Heart Association and Red Cross. They offer extensive training that covers everything from symptom detection to chest compressions of high quality.

The AEDs or automated external defibrillators should not be forgotten either. These handy gadgets are guided by audio instructions that walk the user through each step. No PhD is required! AEDs have become widely available because of their ability to increase survival rates when used with CPR.

Do you remember Bob from accounting? He told me an amazing story about using his weekend training skills to save the life of a neighbor!

Consider this: would it not be amazing to be able one day to save someone else’s life?

If you are idly surfing the internet, or binge watching a new series, spend a few minutes learning CPR. You might find it to be the best decision of your life!

Here’s why you should all learn cardiopulmonary rescue as soon as you can! Let’s all become heroes. After all, no one would mind being able to boast about saving lives.

Prepared: You’ll never know tomorrow who you can save, so sign up now!

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