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After professional cleaning, how to maintain your North Shore Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning North Shore just completed go here, and we are happy to say that our carpets now look brand new. It feels newer and brighter, with vibrant colors. It is important to keep this state. How do we make it as perfect as possible. Let’s talk about carpet care and maintenance to prolong their life.

Let’s start by drying. When the professionals finish, your carpets are going to be moist. It is important that they are completely dry before stepping on or moving furniture. Use fans or open windows to accelerate drying. Imagine wearing a wet shirt. It is uncomfortable and can slow down drying. It is important that carpets dry completely to avoid mildew or mold.

While drying, foot traffic should be minimized. To help prevent slipping on carpets, we can use towels, socks or temporary rugs. We want our carpets to last and stay clean. This means cleaning them and not allowing anyone with dirty shoes to walk on the floor.

Regular vacuuming is essential. It stops dirt and debris getting into the carpet’s fibers. Vacuuming is like a carpet fitness workout. It keeps the carpets fit and healthy. If you have dogs or high foot traffic, vacuuming should be done weekly or more often.

Pets can make carpet cleaning difficult. Pets can make carpet cleaning difficult, even though they are loved. Cleaning and grooming pets on a regular basis reduces the amount of carpet hair. To minimize plaque buildup, we brush our teeth every day.

Accidents require quick action. Wipe up spills immediately with a soft, clean cloth. Scrubbing may cause the stain to penetrate deeper into the fibres. A carpet stain remover designed to be used on spills will lift the stain from the carpet without damaging it. When it comes to removing stains from our favorite clothing, we should act quickly.

Wear and tear on furniture can also happen. Rotating furniture on a regular basis helps reduce indentations and disperses weight. As with rotating automobile tires, it ensures an even wear. Furniture pads and coasters help protect carpet from heavy items.

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