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Pantothenic Acid for Acne, Before and After, Results & Pictures

Pantothenic Acid for Acne, Before and After, Results & Pictures

Can I use Pantothenic Acid for acne?

Aside from conventional remedies for acne, Pantothenic acid can treat acne scars among other spots on the skin. Doctors have linked acne to deficiency of Coenzyme A, this is contrary to most beliefs that link them to sex hormones.

CoA is a key component in Pantothenic acid, and this vitamin can be used to treat acne.

Most reviews have a high rating of 3.7/5, which is a good indicator, that indeed vitamin B5 can be used to treat acne. Acne has also been associated with excess fats in the body.

In this regard, it is argued that vitamin B5 helps to break down fats into energy thus eliminating them from the body. However, there is lack of scientific evidence to support this association between fats and acne.

What does Pantothenic Acid do to skin?

Pantothenic acid aka vitamin B5 is a member of water soluble vitamin and a family of B-complex vitamins. This vitamin works by hydrating, healing, soothing and protecting your skin.

This makes it a good agent for alleviating various skin ailments from acne, diaper rash, minor cuts, bed sores, eczema, sunburn and contact dermatitis.

As hydrator, Pantothenic acid works as a water binding agent. It attracts and retains water thus stabilizing the barrier function of the skin. This action helps the skin retain water that would have been lost thus retains its natural moisture.

Applying this substance on the skin either as ointment or cream, you will be increasing hydration and also improving softness and elasticity of the skin.

In this regard, vitamin B5 is ideal for dry, rough and scaly skin.

As protector and healer of skin, this vitamin provides relief from pain and itching and also reduces skin redness. Wounds treated with pro Pantothenic acid results in a more regenerated solid and elastic tissue.

In view of the study published in dermatological Treatment Journal, pro-Pantothenic acid reduces inflammation and improves repair of skin tissues during healing. On skin protection, this vitamin provides a barrier and shields the skin from irritation.

How long does Pantothenic Acid take to work for Acne?

It is not exactly known as to how long it takes vitamin B5 to heal acne sports. This is because every person has unique skin and it takes different time to heal. Most customer reviews have shown that results are seen after just one week of applying Pantothenic acid on acne spot. However, complete healing can take up to six weeks after initial application.

How to use Pantothenic Acid for Acne

Vitamin B5 for acne can be obtained from supplements and acne creams or ointments. Vitamin B5 supplements for acne can be purchased from health food store. It is worth to note that creams are more effective on acne than supplements. For better results on the skin, Pantothenic acid has to be absorbed directly into the skin.

Use vitamin B5 supplements by all means, but remember they should certainly not be the only one if you want to get rid of acne. Start with a low amount of supplements to avoid potential overdose, before you can work your way upwards if you do not notice effects on the skin. Normally, mega doses are used for treatment of acne.

How to use Pantothenic Acid cream for acne

There are a lot more creams out there loaded with Pantothenic acid nowadays. This cream is good for acne caused by excessively dry skin, as they will certainly create a barrier and lock natural moisture in side the skin. Apply this cream over entire area of the skin.

  • You only need to apply a small amount
  • Massage Pantothenic acid cream into the skin.
  • Ensure it penetrates nicely and deeply for positive results.

Spot treatment with vitamin B5 cream is appropriate for those with acne scars. Apply this cream a number of times a day for a couple of weeks and you will notice that scars fade away and disappear from the skin. Spot treatment is also used for occasional acne pimples; where a little cream is directly applied to the spot, rubbing little to penetrate deep and nicely.

Pantothenic Acid food list for acne

  • Almost All animal and plant foods with exception of pure oils like olive oil
  • Organic meat and liver in particular; powerhouse of this vitamin
  • Vegetables mainly sweet potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and avocado
  • Legumes, cereals, eggs, dairy products and yogurt in particular
  • Probiotics: the gut flora generate vitamins Bs for its host

As long as you eat food, then you are definitely getting some Pantothenic acid because it is virtually found in everything. The bonus is that you can toss that Viagra if you consume vitamin B5 rich foods. This acid is used by adrenal glands to manufacture sex hormones.

Pantothenic Acid for acne before and after pictures

A look at before and after pictures after using Pantothenic acid reveals some impressive results.

Pictures here

More on Pantothenic Acid for acne

The truth is that if you have acne symptoms, then something is wrong with your body. You can be sure that vitamin B5 is not the culprit for your acne because deficient is very unlikely. But overall, B5 is promising and effective on acne as it prevents excess production of sebum, heals up blemishes and reduces inflammation.

Pantothenic Acid Gnc review

Pantothenic acid gnc is appropriate for metabolism and generation of energy. It is effective in acne as it breaks down fats to generate energy. A few grams like 5 grams can clear up acne in a few days, but it also has mixed results for some users. Overall, it has good rating and is recommended for acne treatment.

500 mg Pantothenic acid for acne

Commonly found in health drug stores, this brand will act on yours to disappear within a few weeks. The results from users are mixed, but overall it is good and effective for acne and other skin ailments.

Now Pantothenic acid acne

This product is pure Pantothenic acid for acne and other skin ailments. It is free of wheat, fish, eggs, tree nut, soy, milk, eggs, and shellfish among other ingredients. It boasts of most ratings online and has excellent feedback from users on acne and hair loss.

Pantothenic acid acne bodybuilding

Take about 10 grams for a few weeks and your acne will fade away from your skin. Pantothenic acid acne bodybuilding takes 3 or so weeks to be fully absorbed to leave your skin looking healthier and great again.

Pantothenic acid acne hair loss

Most Pantothenic acid for acne also doubles up for hair loss. This acid increases thickness of the hair thus giving it the strength to withstand any breaking. Vitamin B5 is recommended for treating both acne and hair loss.

Pantothenic acid acne pills

Pills can be used in mega doses to treat acne scars from your skin. It is advisable to start with smaller doses and improve upwards if notice no effects on the scars. However, pills alone may not be effective; it is better combined with creams and ointments for better results.

Pantothenic acid acne side effects

Ingested supplements have no side effects because they are easily removed from body through urine. For topical and injection of B5 for acne have no reported side effects.

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