Tea Tree Oil for Scalp & Dandruff Treatment, Itchy Scalp

Can I use Tea Tree Oil for Scalp related issues such as dandruff and dryness? Yes you can! Read to learn of the benefits and ways of using this tea oil for your itchy scalp. All over the world, many people look for different ways toward healthy scalps. One of the approaches embraced involve applying tea tree oil.

Why Use Tea Tree Oil for Scalp?

Tea tree oil has been in use for many years now and its popularity as an organic hair care product has grown in recent years. The popularity of tea tree oil is attributed to its amazing natural beauty outcomes to your hair and scalp. The ability to maintain and promote a healthy scalp from the inside makes tea tree oil an ideal choice for many people.

This oil has the power and ability to cleanse your scalp and hair without causing any damage or dryness. Besides, it is also easy to use and effective in keeping your hair and scalp healthy. It is easy to use at home with simple guideline. This oil can be simply massaged onto your scalp or a few drops of tea tree oil can be added to your regular shampoo to generate desired effects.

Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

For those with dry scalp, tea tree oil can be used to moisten and nourish dry scalp making it healthy. By nourishing and moistening dry scalp, the oil produces amazing results for your hair and beauty. It works by clearing the blockages in the pores to prevent dryness thus making your scalp as comfortable as ever.

On how to use tea tree oil for scalp, you simply need to mix a few drops of this oil with jojoba oil. Then gently massage the solution onto the scalp for about 15 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair and scalp and repeat the process on a regular basis to get rid of any signs of scalp dryness.

Tea Tree Oil for Itchy Scalp

Many people suffering from itchy scalp can try out tea tree oil to heal this condition. An itching scalp can cause extreme irritation and can also lead to loss of hair. The itching of the scalp is often caused by bacteria, fungus or allergic reactions.

This volatile essential oil can do wonders to your itching scalp. It has also been proven to fight scalp folliculitis and eczema.

Whether on its own or mixed with other ingredients, tea tree oil is an effective remedy for the itching scalp. The oil has the ability to fight viral, fungal and bacterial infection that cause itching of your scalp.

The reason being the antiseptic properties and anti-microbial compounds in this oil. This makes it a perfect cure for numerous skin infections responsible for skin itching.

You may try out several tea tree oil recipes for skin itching, examples include:

  • Tea tree and coconut oil mixture
  • Tea tree, olive oil and peppermint solution which is used once per week
  • After shower solution- involve massaging a few drops of oil on dry scalp

Tea Tree Oil Scalp & Hair treatment

Tea tree oil has effective ingredients to nourish and moisturize dry scalp and damaged hair. This oil can be used in isolation or mixed with other ingredients to replenish damaged strands and deter future harm to your hair and scalp. It has anti-microbial properties for killing bacteria, fungus and viral infection responsible for the itching scalp.

Tea Tree Oil on Scalp for Hair Growth

Even though tea tree oil does not directly speed up growth of hair, it is known to encourage growth of hair. This is possible because it nourishes hair roots and also unclogs hair follicles. It also clears all blockages on pores to facilitate smooth growth of follicles. It thus helps to prevent hair loss, dandruff, itching and inflammation of the scalp. These aspects are responsible for the fallout of hair.

There are many ways you can use this oil for thicker and longer hair. The simple one is massaging the oil onto the scalp, but it is advised to dilute it with ‘carrier’ oil. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to coconut oil, olive and almond oil and apply the solution gently into your scalp. Wrap the hair in a towel or a cap and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing the hair.

The same process is repeated a number of times per week until you get your desired results. Thereafter, you can treat your hair on a weekly basis. Alternatively, hot oils may be used once per week for extra deep treatment. Note that hot oil is effective in addressing hair loss and dandruff.

Tea Tree Oil for dandruff

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a common disorder of the skin characterized by grey or white flakes on the skin. These flakes can be easily felt through dry and itching scalp. It is also noticed as they fall from the scalp to the shoulders.

Dandruff is caused by several factors, including: scalp dryness, poor cleaning, too much shampooing, eczema, psoriasis, fungus and so forth. Dry skin is the most common cause of dandruff.

Can Tea Tree Oil be used for dandruff?

Yes, tea tree oil can be used to get rid of dandruff from your scalp. This is because the oil has essential properties to moisturize dry scalp. It also has ability to kill fungal and bacterial infections, eczema and psoriasis.

As a natural conditioner, tea tree oil eliminates common problems that cause the scalp to flake. Generally, this oil has proved effective in fighting dandruff either on its own or in a mixture with other carrier oil like olive, coconut, almond and peppermint oil.

Tea Tree Oil shampoo for dandruff

Add a few drops of tea tree oil onto your favorite shampoo. This oil helps get rid of dandruff. Just shampoo your hair as usual and mix your hair conditioner with a few drops of tea tree oil.

Ensure the mixture is well done before applying the solution in the normal way. Leave it for a while to let the mixture function before rinsing and washing your hair in the normal way.

Tea Tree Oil for dandruff reviews

A recent study by the American Academy of Dermatology revealed that using a small concentration of about 5% of tea tree oil in a shampoo for 4 weeks reduces dandruff.

Most users have confirmed that tea tree oil is effective in getting rid of dandruff within weeks of application. As oil used in dandruff treatment, the oil has gained popularity as a home remedy for dandruff in the recent years.

Tea Tree Oil for Scalp folliculitis

To say the least, scalp folliculitis is as painful and obnoxious just like most other hair issues. They can cause both emotional and physical disturbance if not addressed. However, this problem can be treated using tea tree oil.

This oil has antimicrobial properties and as a natural ingredient, it can be used more often than over the counter medications. All you need is to apply a few drops of the oil on the affected area and repeat the process until you get desired results.

Tea Tree Oil Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is characterized by greasy or powdery patches on the scalp, face, back and upper chest. Common treatment involves elimination of fungus and reducing production of sebum.

Tea tree oil is natural and nonprescription antifungal alternative used to treat seborrheic dermatitis. Studies have noted that a 5% concentration is enough to get rid of this type of skin disorder. This option is regarded safe with no adverse reactions compared to prescription medications.

Can you leave Tea Tree Oil in your hair?

It is advisable to wash tea tree oil from your hair after a few minutes. Basically, the oil works for about 15 minutes and there is no need to leave it in your hair for longer. Since it is not greasy, you can leave it in your hair.

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