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Tea Tree Oil for Lice Control: Shampoo & Lice Prevention Sprays

Can I use Tea tree oil for lice prevention or treatment? Yes, of course! Read this article to learn how you can use tea tree oil shampoo for lice prevention, you also get to learn how some of the lice prevention sprays have been reputed as effective lice prevention measures. Feel free to share your experience in dealing with these irritating hair bugs, in the comment section below.

What are head lice?

Head lice are small blood sucking bugs found on human head. These bugs only thrive in the hair from where they suck blood sustenance.

These bugs are contagious and spread by crawling from infested person or items to its new host and to hair. A mature louse is the size of a sesame seed and cannot be easily spotted in the hair.

What causes lice on head?

Contrary to common beliefs, head lice are not caused by unhygienic condition. In this regard, you will still find them even in the tidiest environment. They are contagious bugs caused by:

  • Coming in contact with infected head
  • Sharing fabric items with a person infected with head lice
  • Coming in contact or sharing personal items like caps with infected person.

Head lice also spread through things like combs, brushes, hats, headphones, barrettes and headbands. They can also stay on bedding, furniture and clothing from where they crawl to their new hosts.

People at high risk of head lice are preschool and elementary students because they love sharing items and playing together. On this regard, those working in preschool, elementary and day care centers are also at risk of head lice infection.

When is lice presence considered an infestation?

Infestation of head lice becomes evident the moment you spot living lice in your hair. The presence of live lice is the confirmation of their infestation.

However, infestation can be difficult to notice in some people since these insects are difficult to notice. They are known to move swiftly within the hair and tend to resemble the color of infested hair.

The presence of head lice signs and symptoms can be another indicator of infestation. These symptoms include itching scalp, scabs and sores on the scalp and sensation of crawling on the scalp.

Note that some people do not experience these symptoms and it could take them much longer before they realize head lice infestation. Good news is that Tea tree oil is an ideal natural remedy for killing and repelling head lice.

Tea Tree for lice control – Does it Work?

Tea tree oil can be a miracle treatment for your head lice. Head lice can be a nightmare for entire household. However, the million dollar question is: how do you get rid of these pests fast from your household?

Although many prescriptions and OTC remedies exists, tea tree offers a natural remedy for eliminating head lice. Reviews have shown remarkable performance of tea tree oil against lice infestation. This is attributed to its suffocating and repelling attributes.

Lice are bugs that attach themselves on human hair to suck human blood for sustenance. The most prevalent is head lice. The center for disease control reported that approximately 12 million lice infestation occurs in the United Sates annually. They also recommend natural remedy like tea tree oil for head lice treatment.

How to use Tea Tree Oil for Lice

Head lice can be a nuisance for quite a long time. This is because their eggs hatch after treatment and continue to breed rapidly.  However, effective use of tea tree oil could help get rid of head lice permanently from your hair.

The different ways to achieve that include:

  • You can use tea tree oil shampoo to get rid of head lice
  • Tea tree oil spray may be applied to hair
  • You may also use tea tree oil alone on your hair
  • Mix tea tree oil with vinegar such as Apple cider vinegar
  • Tea tree oil with coconut oil shampoo
  • Mixture of tea tree with lavender oil or Rosemary oil or olive oil
  • Mix tea tree with Vodka or Eucalyptus or rubbing alcohol
  • Use DIY lice treatment tea tree solution

Shampoos for Lice

There are prescription and OTC treatment- mainly lotions, shampoos and rinses are left for some time to work before they rinsed off.

Tea tree oil is used in most products in the market including sprays, shampoos, drops and conditioners to prevent and treat head lice infections.

This essential oil contains key ingredients with insecticidal activity; terpinen and cineole. Tea tree oil with shampoos has proved effective for treating mild to severe head lice infestation.

How to use shampoos for lice removal

On how to use tea tree oil shampoo, follow the following simple steps:

  1. Add a few drops of tea tee oil in your normal shampoo
  2. Apply the solution to your scalp and along the hair.
  3. Tie your hair and cover it using shower cap
  4. Let work on head live for about 15 minutes or overnight
  5. Comb thoroughly through the hair to get rid of dead lice and detached eggs
  6. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water
  7. Repeat this process daily for a few weeks
  8. Enjoy lice free head and recommend this treatment to others

Benefits of Shampoos used in head lice Removal

  • Kills head lice: Tea tree oil with shampoos is great for head lice eradication. This is attributed to the insecticidal properties that kill lice. The Perpinen and cineole elements inhibit acetyl cholinesterase thus killing head lice within 30 minutes.
  • Nits and Eggs: Nits and eggs are strongly attached to hair shafts by gummy texture. For eggs, tea tree dissolves this gummy texture for easy combing and removal from the hair. The oil is able to kill nymphs just like the adult head lice.
  • Repellent properties: Tea tree has repellent properties which prevent re-infestation of head lice and transfer of lice to new hosts in the household and classroom.

Lice Prevention Sprays

How to use tea tree oil sprays for lice prevention

Tea tree spray is safe and simple to use. The procedure to follow is:

  1. Put 1 ounce of water in your spray.
  2. Add a few drops of pure tea tree oil
  3. Close the lid and shake thoroughly to mix the solution
  4. Spray the mixture on your scalp and along the hair

How long does it take for Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to work?

Research has shown that these ingredients are 100 percent effective on head lice within 30 minutes. Further to that, mixing tea tree with lavender oil works even better than most chemical treatments.

This is the reason why tea tree oil has gained much attention of late for its increasing role in promoting health and treating various ailments.

More on Tea Tree Oil for lice control

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo Lice

Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo is commercial shampoo commonly used to get rid of head lice. This ready made shampoo is as effective as homemade shampoo. Follow instructions on the label to get excellent results.

Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil for Lice

Tea tree oil with coconut oil shampoo is very effective on head lice. This combination is strong enough to suffocate lice to death. This suffocation prevents breathing, feeding and reproduction thus making it impossible to survive.

Research has shown that a mixture of tea tree and coconut oil is even more effective on head lice than commercial treatment with permethrin.

Tea Tree Oil for lice Eggs

Lice eggs have protective cover hence do not allow penetration of oil. This is why the process should be repeated until all eggs have hatched and killed.

However, a recent study published in Parasitological journal found promising results of deterring hatching of head lice eggs.

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