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Tea Tree Oil Cream, Ointment & Hair Gel – Keeva

What is Tea Tree Oil Cream used for? Does it work for things such as skin fungal infections? Read this article for more insights into this field of application of tea tree oil. In addition, I will examine the use of Tea oil hair gels in hair care. Finally, I will review some of the best Tree oil creams, including the Keeva and Lemon derivatives

What is Tea Tree Oil Cream or Ointment?

Tea tree ointment and creams are kinds of soothing herbal extracts and essential oil for relieving dry and minor skin irritation. Both the cream and ointment are oil based medication for topical use on the face, back, face and other skin areas of the body.

Tea Tree Oil cream for yeast infection
Perfectly Pure Tea Tree Oil Cream

However, the concentration of oil in ointment is higher than in creams. This means that ointments are comparatively more sticker and greaser than creams.

Tea tree oil is a natural source of skin ointment and creams commonly used on the body and face skin to soothe razor burn. They are usually good moisturizer and nourishment for damaged cuticles of the feet and hands as well as other blemishes on the skin. They also offer a cooling relief after waxing and treatment of yeast and other skin fungal infections.

Tea Tree Oil cream for yeast infection

Tea tree oil has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for fungal infections. Yeast infection is one such infection caused by a type of fungi known as Candida albacans commonly found in vaginal areas.

Normally, the growth of this fungal is controlled by good bacteria in the body and PH level. However, a decline on these bacteria in the body due to certain factors is known to trigger overgrowth of Candida albacans leading to an infection.

The most common is vaginal yeast infection, but it also infects digestive system, abdomen, under the breast, nail beds and beneath the skin folds. Frequent yeast infection is typically caused by imbalance of good and bad bacteria and PH levels.

Therefore, recurrent vaginal infections can be deterred by regular probiotics in your diet. However, tea tree ointment and creams is still a perfect alternative to common OTC antibiotics and other cream medications for your present yeast infections.

Common Tea Tree Oil creams – reviews

Reviews and feedback on leading tea tree oil creams for skins are largely positive with very good ratings from users. In particular, an Australian tea tree oil cream is hailed by many as magical cure for severe athlete’s foot, ringworm and thrush. It has works better for various skins conditions than most over the counter (OTC) products in the market.

The second most reviewed tea tree oil cream with good feedback is Nelson’s tea tree antiseptic cream. This cream is a little more effective for skin spots among other skin problems.

However, this cream stings more due to higher level of alcohol content. Also note that this cream may not work for everyone, but is recommended for removal of skin spots.

How to use tea tree oil ointment for skin fungus

Tea tree ointment is a common topical antifungal agent for managing various skin, nail and hair infections. Typical examples of skin infections include ringworms, scabies, rashes, thrush athlete’s foot, skin rashes and skin tags among other invasive fungal infections. This ointment is used in many ways to treat skin fungus.

Lemon tea tree oil cream

For those with sensitive skin, lemon tea tree is perfectly formulated for your condition. This cream works perfectly for acne, skin inflammation, eczema, irritation and redness of the skin.

A common example is G&M and Australian lemon tea tree cream which are readily available from Amazon online stores. This product has a mild organic antiseptic that makes it an excellent remedy for insect bites, fungal and bacterial skin infections.

Generally, tea tree oil cream is a blend of natural tea tree oil with lemon among other skin nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E. They leave your skin with natural lemon scent and leave your skin smooth and soft. They also alleviate most skin infections including psoriasis, skin rashes, irritation and eczema.

Keeva tea tree oil cream

Keeva organics is famous for their all natural beauty products sold around the globe. They also make tea tree creams for treating a variety of skin ailments from acne, rashes, thrush and so forth. Keeva tea tree cream is the best cream for acne and guarantees bright, natural and radiant complexion skin within 3 months.

Keeva acne has received positive reviews and good feedback from users. The product is positioned to provide celebrity status and acne free skin to users. It contains active ingredients from tea tree for fighting acne.

This cream is appropriate for people with bacterial, hormonal and cystic acne no matter their type of skin. No prescription is needed for these products, but people with sensitive skin should seek the advice of their doctor.

Tea Tree Oil 10 creams – The top 10 best

Common and best tea tree oil cream in the market with positive reviews and feedback from users include.

  1. Keeva organics cream for acne
  2. Australian Tea Tree antiseptic cream
  3. Tea tree therapy antiseptic cream
  4. Thursday plantation Tea Tree face cream
  5. Nelson Tea tree cream
  6. Giovanni Moisturizing shave cream
  7. Mason Natural cream
  8. Shea butter Foot & Leg Cream
  9. Collagen Beauty Cream
  10. Tea tree & Dead Sea Mineral Body cream

Where to buy tea tree oil creams near me

There are many brands of tea tree oil creams in the market today for treating different skin ailments. These products can be found from various sources including:

  • Supermarkets like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Tesco
  • Drugstores and pharmacies,
  • Accredited natural groceries
  • Online stores like Amazon, eBay and so forth.

Tea Tree Oil cream during pregnancy – is it safe?

On whether tea tree oil cream is safe for pregnant women, we need to understand that pregnancy is associated with oily skin, hormonal acne and hair loss. These skin ailments can be safely treated during pregnancy using natural ingredients including tea tree creams.

So, Yes! It is safe to use tea tree oil during pregnancy. However, it is risky to use this cream during labor and childbirth.

Tea Tree Oil Cream for Eczema

Tea tree cream has skin healing properties and effective in relieving skin inflammation including eczema. In this regard, many people suffering from eczema have turned to this versatile cream in treating their condition. It is a natural alternative to most chemical staffed creams and ointments. The following are benefits of tea tree oil cream for persons with eczema.

  • Antimicrobial properties help to fight germs
  • Anti-inflammatory ability reduces skin irritation
  • Antifungal property helps to reduce itching
  • Antibiotic property fights infection
  • Antiseptic attributes promote skin soothing
  • Antioxidant ability mitigate skin radical

What is tea tree oil Hair Gel?

Tea tree oil hair gel is a solid like material manufactured from natural tea tree oil for hair use. The properties range from soft to hard and weak to tough.

Tea Tree Hair Gel ingredients

Main ingredients in tea tree hair gel include:

  • Water
  • Sulfonic acid
  • Melaceuca alternifolia lea oil
  • White ginger
  • Algae extract
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Jojoba leaf extract
  • Perfume or fragrance
  • Polyacrylic acid

How to use Tea Tree Hair Gel

For hair styling, you only need to apply this gel to your scalp before styling. They are effective it you want to maximize shine hair and have wet looks. Distribute the gel evenly in the hair and let it dry naturally.

Where to buy tea oil hair gel

Tea tree gel is readily available from leading supermarkets and retail stores such as Walgreens, Tesco, Wal-Mart and so forth. You can also purchase these gels from accredited natural groceries, drugstores and pharmacies. These products can as well be ordered from online stores such as Amazon.

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