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Where to Buy Best Tea Tree Oil Brands & Tree Oil Diffusers

Where can I buy Tea Tree Oil Brands near me? Can I buy Tree Oil diffusers online? If these are some of the questions crossing your mind, sit tight. In this article, I examine the different places you can order your favorite tea tree oil brand. But first, let have short look at the benefits of tea tree oil before you make the decision to buy one.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea tree is volatile essential oil extracted from native plants in Australia scientifically known as Melaleuca alternifolia. It is famous for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. This gives it the power to disinfect wounds and skin. As essential oil with antiseptic properties, tea tree oil has numerous benefits to your hair and nails. Learn more about these different benefits of tea tree oil.

Skin Benefits

  • Studies have shown that tea tree oil can reduce severity and the number of acne lesions.
  • The oil is also used to get rid of dandruff by unclogging hair follicles and nourishing hair roots.

Healthy Hair Benefits

  • The oil is commonly used for longer and healthy hair and scalp.

Healthy Nails

  • Tea tree oil is commonly used to treat fungal infection in nails. Even though these infections are common and not dangerous, they may be unsightly.
  • This versatile oil is the preferred remedy for nail fungus because it is more natural with no toxic chemicals than most convectional remedies.

Other Benefits of Tea Oil

Tea tree oil is used to sanitize hands because of its antimicrobial ability. Studies have shown that adding this versatile oil to different types of hand wash helps in killing germs that cause illnesses.

The oil is able to reduce odors in the underarm which are connected to perspiration. Usually, sweat combines with bacteria on the skin to produce odors. However, applying tea tree oil will kill bacteria on the skin to prevent body odor.

Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil products can be purchased from local natural grocery and online stores like Amazon. The products can also be obtained from local pharmacies, supermarkets like Tesco, Wal-mart and Walgreens at affordable price.

  • Walgreens – You can purchase Nature’s Bounty, Hollywood Beauty, Spring Valley, Walgreens, dessert essence and natural Treasures from Walgreens.
  • Wal-Mart – You can find Spring Valley, essential Oil Labs, Pure body Naturals, Body wonders, healing solutions and Majestic Pure treat oil from Wal-Mart stores.
  • Amazon – You can also order for Art Naturals, Natural Treasures, Now tea and Eve Hansen from Amazon online stores.

Tea Tree Oil Prices

The price is affordable for instance:

  • Nature’s Bounty is priced at $10,
  • Hollywood Beauty priced at $3,
  • Walgreens at $9,
  • Dessert essence at $4 and
  • Natural Treasures at $11.

Generally, the price are worth the benefits and you will definitely save money.

Reviews of Common Tea Tree Oil Brands

According to online reviews, the following are top most effective brands with good rating from users; essential Oil Labs, Pure body Naturals, Body wonders, healing solutions and Majestic Pure treat oil. Others include Art Naturals, Now tea and Eve Hansen. These products have received high rating from users in regard skin, hair and nails treatment among uses discussed in this article.where to buy tea tree oil online

In particular, tea tree oil products are effective for acne treatment and also reliable cure for hair and scalp infections and disorders. These products are hailed for effectively removal dandruff, getting rid of head lice and soothing flaking skin. Most reviewers indicate that pure brands can be mixed with raw honey and water to obtain positive results.

Tea Tree Oil Diffuser Benefits

You can diffuse tea tree oil to freshen and purify the air in your house. There are also several other reasons as to why you need to have a tea tree oil diffuser at home.

Similarly to other diffusers of essential oil, this will help you sleep better, improve your health and enhance your energy. While the benefits of tea tree diffusers are quite many, the most important benefits in daily life are discussed below.

Diffusers Enhance a Relaxing Environment

Well known and best use of essential oil diffuser has to do with providing conducive environment to relax at the close of a busy day. Even though several other methods are known to provide soothing and relaxing environment, tea tree oil is by far the most long lasting and easiest approach.

Have a diffuser with a push button at office and home to help you relax. Having one at your bedside will relax your body and mind for a better sleep overnight.

Diffusers enhance Mood Elevation

Mood elevation is another key benefit of tea tree oil diffusers at home and office. It enables one to de-stress thus creating energizing mood. In this regard, this diffuser is essential for depressed persons. It is important to use them during holidays to spur high spirits and also provide positive environment for social gatherings and meetings. Tea tree diffuser is also known to provide romantic atmosphere.

Other uses of tea tree oil diffusers include:

  1. Warding of illnesses by keeping diseases like cold and flue away due to its antimicrobial properties
  2. Relieving pain like sore joints, headache and overworked muscles
  3. Helping people to breath more easily by reducing congestion and inflammation of clogged airways
  4. Enhance cognitive functions because of adaptogenic properties to soothe down stress and supercharge brain cells.
  5. Repel away insects like mosquitoes, flies, head lice, silverfish and so forth.

Melaleuca Essential Oil uses

Melaleuca essential oil is used for longer and healthy hair, clearer, nourished skin and healthy nails. There are also other uses of this natural remedy which include but not limited to healing of the would, mouth wash, soothing skin inflammation, all purpose natural cleanser, treating athletes foot and other fungal infections.

Hair, scalp, face wash, acne removal and dandruff are also common uses of tea tree oil in beauty industry. For acne removal, you can apply the oil directly to the pimples or sport you want to treat and wait for a few minutes to wash your skin. You may also mix the oil with water or other essential oils like coconut oil or raw honey and apply the solution to the area you want to treat.

For longer and healthy hair and skin, this oil can be massaged directly or mixed into your normal conditioner. The oil will unclog hair follicles and nourish roots to produce longer, thicker and healthy hair. For facial wash, the oil is gently applied by hand in circular motion to remove makeup, sebum and other impurities from your face. This leaves you with healthier, clearer and fresher facial skin.

The oil is also an effective and natural alternative remedy for fungal infection including nail fungal and athlete’s foot. This is attributed to its anti-fungal properties. However, studies have shown that tea tree oil is not as effective in treating foot athletes, but can help reducing associated itching, pain and other symptoms.

Furthermore, tea tree oil is also used to relieve psoriasis. This condition is characterized by itching reddish scaly skin. Even though this condition is chronic with no known cure; it can be managed by medication. Tea tree oil has ant inflammatory power that helps to ease symptoms of psoriasis.

Other uses of Melaleuca Oil

  1. Melaleuca essential oil used to boost healing of the wound by increasing activity of white blood cells and reducing inflammation.
  2. It is also noted that tea tree oil keeps away pesky insects such as flies and mosquitoes. In fact, studies have shown that tea tree oil is more effective than commercial repellents in the market.
  3. For years, this oil has been applied to minor scrapes, abrasions and cuts to prevent bacterial infections to the injury.

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