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Australian Tea Tree Oil Uses: 100% Pure for Skin Tags

What are common uses of Australian tea tree oil? In this article, I examine the many benefits of using Australian tea oil for health or beauty purposes. I also highlight where to buy 100% pure tea tree oil. Finally I analyze its application in skin tags removal.

What is Australian Tea Tree Oil

Australian tea tree oil is a type of essential oil extracted from the leaves Melaceuca alternifolia. It is colorless and is also known Melaceuca oil. Australian tea tree oil has been in use for many years treating skin and nail ailments.

It also performs other functions from general purpose cleanser to skin cancer and repelling insects. Note that Australian tea tree oil is often confused with common tea plants used to make black tea.

Instead, this oil is used topically on the skin to fight infections like scabies, acne, dandruff nail fungus, rashes, wrinkles and ringworm just to mention a few. The key attributes of this oil relates to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Uses

Pure Australian tea tree oil has many uses and benefits especially for the skin and is often infused in skincare products. This oil is widely hailed for its antiseptic properties and ability to disinfect wounds. Even though 100% pure Australian tea tree oil can be harsh on sensitive skins, they are effective on acne, pimples and other skin infections.

Numerous uses of Australian tea tree oil include healing skin infection, washing impurities including makeup from the face and killing molds when diffused in the air. It is also used to treat viral infections, as homemade cleanser, hand desentization and healing nail fungus.

For example, direct application of 100% pure tea tree oil works effectively on pimples, scars, scabies and skin rashes. Some of the many uses of 100% pure Australian tea oil are:

  • Treating acne/pimples from the skin
  • Treatment of bacterial infections including boil
  • Cold scores and chickenpox
  • Respiratory tract infections and congestion
  • Treating fungal infections from athlete’s foot, jock itch and Candida
  • Treatment of sunburns, sores and itchy insect bites
  • Dry cuticles and psoriasis
  • Treatment of skin tags

Australian Tea Tree Oil for skin tags – How to use

Does pure Australian tea tree oil treat skin tags or is it a myth? The truth is that 100% pure Australian tea tree oil for skin tags works perfectly. This essential oil gets the job done in just 3-6 weeks of application.

The main question is; why do you have to use Australian tea tree oil for treating skin tags? Even though faster and effective remedies for getting rid of skin tags exist, Australian tea tree oil is offers a safe approach at home.

The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil are highly effective and useful in as far as healing of skin tags is concerned. Apply pure oil directly onto clusters of skin tags in the same area for instant treatment. This is contrary to most alternatives remedies that require precise and time consuming process for treating every skin tag.

The procedure to use Australian Tea Tree oil for hair is:

  1. Clean and sterilize the affected area of the skin to be treated
  2. Gently rub the formula to skin tags cluster using a cotton ball
  3. Cover treated area with bandage to help with absorption
  4. Leave the solution to dry up
  5. Repeat this process three times for positive results

Where to buy 100% Pure Australian Tea oil

Frankly speaking, no one should have any problems finding tea tree oil products. Just like most essential oils, tea tree oil products can be bought from natural grocery, drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets and online stores.

It is important to consider current promotion and reviews online before buying any essential oil products

Australia Tea Tree Oil Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has a variety of Australian tea tree products from Humco to Apothecary extract 100% tea tree oil. These products are rated highly by consumers and are also offered at affordable price.

It is important to look at reviews of different tea tree product at Walmart sites before buying. This will aid you select the right product for your condition for positive results.

Australia Tea Tree Oil Amazon

Similar to Walmart, you can also order for pure 100% tea tree oil products of your choice from Amazon online stores. Positive reviews on Amazon can help you come up with correct product for your situation. It is also vital to look at different prices and discounts of products before making a purchase to save on money.

Australia Tea Tree Oil Walgreen’s

You will be pleased to find various products from Hollywood Beauty, Mason Natural, Gena Labs, dessert essence and Natural treasures for skin care among other uses. These products can also be purchased online for free shipping to your destination.

It is critical to note that the Walgreen website has reviews you can use to inform the type of product that suits your condition. It is also vital to look at current promotion on treat tree oil products to get value for your money.

Australian Tea Tree Oil CVS/Pharmacy

CVS and other pharmacies are good suppliers of pure tea tree oil used to treat skin ailments such as Acne, scars, rashes and scabies. The oil has been used for over a century and has been proven to treat various fungal, bacteria and viral infections.

Australian Tea Tree Oil reviews

The oil is natural and has gained attention of scientists in health and beauty industry in recent years. This is a type of organic oil that is safe and easy to apply at home. Real life experiences, online reviews and testimonies from users have shown that Australian tea tree products are effective remedy for skin tags.

Apothecary extracts 100 pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

Apothecary Extract Company has gained large fan base due to reasonable prices and high quality products. Most reviews have shown that Apothecary Extract pure Australian oil is one of the best OTC products for skin tag.

This product has medicinal properties and is extensively used to treat skin ailments. It is noted that the purer the oil, the higher the price of the product and also better results.

Apothecary tea tree oil products have been successful and are used as natural remedy for skin tags by many people around the world. Obviously, if it wouldn’t work, then people would have already stopped using it. Besides, it would also have generated negative feedback and reviews.

Unlike other companies, Apothecary observes high quality standards and complies with regulations. It is also hailed for making 100% pure products.

Humco Tea Tree Oil

Humco is pure tea tree oil; it has received high rating among users around the world. This product has strong smell, but is gentle on your skin. It has great value, works well and is very effective for treating skin tag and acne within a few weeks.

Most reviewers reported significant improvements in their acne within just 3 days. It is equally effective on clearing pores, killing germs, fungal and bacteria.

Ogx Australian Tea Tree shampoo

Organix scalp therapy tea oil shampoo is effective on dry and itchy scalp. It is also effective in removing hair built-up and other impurities on the scalp. It is one of the most reviewed tea tree oil shampoo brands in the market and has received good feedback from users.

Most users concurs that ogx shampoo works well for their scalp and leaves them with a healthier and super soft skin with great smell. This product is not only refreshing, but also leaves your hair feeling rejuvenated.

It is one of the best shampoos for hair and scalp in the market and is recommended for people with itching and dry scalp.

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