What Kills Silverfish? Best Silverfish Killers & Poison

What is Silverfish Infestation?

Silverfish are small, serpentine and resilient, but fairly harmless insects. These pests are found in pantry areas of your house. Common signs include:

  • Damage signs like chewed irregular holes in wallpaper and clothing.
  • Cast skin or scales around surfaces because they molt throughout their life
  • Yellowish stains on fabrics and papers are another sign of silverfish infestation
  • Spotting physical bluish-silver creatures with elongated carrot shaped body ending with three tails on the rear

What kills Silverfish in Homes?

Silverfish can be killed using a variety of methods. These insects are killed using both natural and artificial remedies. The best killers of silverfish are pesticide sprays like Aerosol, Cyper WSP and LambdaStar UltraCap. These sprays are highly recommended for severe silverfish infestation, but they are also poisonous to human beings and other animals.

Apart from poisonous commercial sprays, you can also use powder or dust to kill silver bugs. Common non toxic dusts include Boric acid and Diatomaceous earth which dehydrates bugs to death. You can also use artificial dusts like D-Fense, Dustbin Mizer and Cimexa. These dusts can last as long as six months after application in areas commonly infested by silver bugs.

Baits and traps are also used excellent agents for killing silverfish. Common baits include Intice Granular Bait. You may also use ready to use commercial traps such as Pro-Pest Silverfish trap as well as homemade traps like Glass jar traps and wet newspaper trap to lure and catch silverfish.

Causes of Silverfish in bathroom

Moist and cool environment is responsible for silverfish infestation including the bathroom. Poor ventilation and junks can as well attract silverfish in your bedroom. These bathroom beasts also love dark places.

This means that proper ventilation of your bathroom during and after showing can repel and prevent silver bug invasion into your bathroom.

Believe it not, these insects are very shy, and will always hide in crevices and cracks and junks to avoid daylight. Therefore, removing junks from your bathroom and sealing off holes and gaps will limit their hiding.

Just like mansion to humans so is your damp towels to silver bugs in your bathroom.

How do you kill Silverfish effectively?

You can bet that getting rid of silverfish completely from your house is not that easy. These creatures are resilient and reproduce rapidly. The most fundamental question is: how do you kill silverfish effectively? You need to consider using best ways if you want to get rid of silverfish effectively from your home.

Best silverfish killers and poison such as Boric acid and diatomaceous powder, insecticide sprays and commercial traps and baits can be used to kill silverfish effectively.

Why do I have Silverfish in my house?

To say the truth, you may actually have nothing do with invasion of silverfish in your house. Probably, these monsters could have reached your house via construction material prior to your occupancy of the house. They may also have reached your house through paper products and groceries. Silverfish can also crawl to your house from outside areas to reach your house.

There is no point of blaming yourself for silverfish invasion of your house. Note that severe silverfish infestation can be difficult to eradicate from your house. This is because silverfish are significantly resilient and could live up to eight years of rapid reproduction to increase in numbers.

Nonetheless, removing the source of foods and moist from the house are sure ways that can be used to kill and prevent future silverfish infestation. There are also other mechanisms including use of repellant and insecticide sprays.

How to kill Silverfish with Baking Soda?

  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Honey
  • Cardboard sheet or Sturdy paper

Start by mixing baking soda, water and honey and apply the solution on cardboard or paper sheet. This will make a simple trap for killing silverfish and particularly effective to use in book shelves. This trap is placed in bookcase shelves and behind the books.

Get rid of Silverfish forever using Home Remedies

Can I get rid of silverfish forever using homemade remedies? Yes; it is possible to get rid of silverfish forever using homemade remedies. Generally, home remedies can make the best killers and poison. Below are household solutions for eliminating the problem of silverfish:

Container traps: You can make a simple trap using mason or glass jar, masking tape and bread to lure and catch these insects.

Wet newspaper trap: Old newspapers can be rolled to make a bundle which can be used to g hold silverfish. This homemade trap provides them with both the food in form of wet newspapers and dark condition ideal for hiding. This provides them with a lovely staying habitat.

Cedar shavings: You can crush cedar into small pieces and place it around your home to repel silverfish. These creatures hate cedar smell and will always evade these materials.

Essential oils: Most essential oils such as citrus, lavender, basil and cinnamon repels silverfish. They can be used to keep them away from your surroundings.

Silverfish Poison

The good news is that toxic sprays can be used to eliminate these bugs from your home. Besides, they are also use less toxic alternatives in the market that can generate positive results. You can try some of these less poisonous sprays and powder in your home:

Pyrethrin Spray- This is a toxic chemical insecticide very lethal for silverfish and other insects. It is also harmful to human lungs and eyes, especially for prolonged exposure.

Boric Acid– This is relatively less toxic compared to other silverfish poisons and most popular powder commonly used for silverfish control.

Diatomaceous Earth– This are silicate products from fossilized sea algae. It is very lethal to most insects, but safe to humans and pets. Just like Boric acid, they work by dehydrating the insect to death and they are also sprinkled on surfaces.

Best Silverfish Poison

Insecticides constitute common silverfish poisons used to eradicate these insects from homes. Remember that these sprays are also harmful to humans and other domestic animals, and should be used with caution.

Boric acid and diatomaceous earth are considered the best silverfish poisons in the sense that they are mostly lethal to these insects, but safe for humans and pets.

Are Silverfish Poisonous to People?

No, silverfish are not poisonous to people. Neither are they poisonous to animals. Generally, these insects are mostly harmless and will never bite anybody, but they can cause some destruction to papers and groceries within your house. They typically stay out of your way as they hide during daylight, only to reappear at night in darkness.

Silverfish Poison Baits

  • Niban Granular Insecticide bait is most effective killer of silverfish. It has the ability to wipe out all insects from home in short time.
  • Dekko Silverfish bait pack brand is soaked in boric acid to lure insects for faster nibbling. It is lethal to insects, but safe for pets and humans. Sprinkle this powder in areas where silver bugs are active.

Silverfish Non-toxic Extermination and Control

Silverfish non-toxic exterminators include:

  • Elimination of food sources like old newspapers, sealing up cereals in airtight containers and getting rid of cardboard boxes
  • Creating a hostile environment for silverfish to live by fixing leaky faucets, making use of dehumidifier and using silicone caulk to seal of cracks.
  • You cans also use silverfish repellents such as essential oils to keep off these insects.

Silverfish Poison Home Depot

Home Depot has a variety of poisonous brands for killing these stubborn insects. These selections include diatomaceous Earth, boric acid products, aerosol fresh floral spray among others.

They also have a variety of products for killing other insects like bedbugs, booklice, termites and lice heads among others.

Organic Silverfish Killer

Organic silver fish killers are effective killing agents for controlling infestations of silverfish insects. Common organic killers include:

  1. Essential oils,
  2. Traps and
  3. Natural powders

Where to buy Silverfish killers

A variety of silverfish killers, both organic and artificial can be purchased from online stores such as Amazon and Walgreens. They can also be found in drug in local stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Silverfish Killer Kit

Silverfish killer kit is safe product for use in your bathroom, loft and kitchen. It comes with:

  • Protector natural aerosol silverfish killer that can be used in sensitive areas like drawers, food cupboards and bathroom areas.
  • It also has Residex P Silverfish powder for use in infested where sprays are not safe to use.
  • Protector C silverfish spray is also included for use in carpeted and bathroom areas, sofas and mattresses.

Silverfish Killer Spray

You can find silverfish killer spray such as Aerosol, Cyper WSP and LambdaStar UltraCap from:

  • Amazon online stores
  • Drug stores and pharmacies
  • Supermarkets such as Sainsbury, Walgreen and Tesco

Silverfish Killer Natural Powder

Boric acid– This is relatively less toxic natural powder and most popular powder used for silverfish control. They are lethal to insects, but safe for pets and humans.

Diatomaceous Earth– This are silicate products from fossilized sea algae and very lethal to most insects but safe to humans and pets.
Silverfish Killer Wal-Mart and Tesco

You can purchase most silverfish killer products from Tesco and Walmart stores around the world. These include:

  • Silverfish killer sprays
  • Silverfish natural powder
  • Silverfish killer kits

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