Safflower Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair, Face & Weight Loss

This article examines the CLA safflower oil benefits for skin, hair and face. I further review the use of cold pressed safflower seed oil on hair. Does it work? What is safflower made from? And what is it good for? All these will be answered in this article.

What is Safflower Oil?

CLA Safflower oil is the name given to the oily extract from the safflower plant also scientifically known as Carthamus tinctorius. The seeds from the safflower oil are pressed to release the oily extract, that is both flavorless and colorless. The oil is nutritionally similar to sunflower oil.

Uses of Safflower Oil

Derived from the seeds of safflower plants, this oil has been loaded for its health and medicinal uses and benefits.  Below are some common uses of this oil.

  1. Uses as a Spice – Rather than going for highly sought after expensive spices from Middle East, Saffron and Europe, I suggest you look out for cheaper alternative in the form dried safflower plant.
  2. Industrial Ingredients – Before 1960s, safflower oil was commonly used as industrial agent to make paints, varnishes among other coatings for surface.
  3. Solvent in Painting – In the absence of linseed oil, safflower is used mixed with paints and used for painting surfaces of different kinds.
  4. Hair Conditioners – This oil was used in ancient times by Chinese women to keep their hair healthy and shinny. The oil is massaged to the scalps to nourish and make hair glow and shinny.


However, despite these benefits, be warned that safflower oil has potentially harmful side effects from its own ingredients and also the extraction process. These damaging effects outweigh the benefits and I suggest that you exercise a lot of caution when using this oil for therapeutic purposes.

Benefits of Safflower Oil

This oil has been used as early as the middle ages to treat various health conditions. This is attributed to the inherent medicinal qualities. For years, safflower juice was used to relieve respiratory and constipation problems, as well as healing fractures, phlegm and stimulating blood circulation.

The oil was widely extracted by Chinese and mixed with sweetened water or chicken stock. The profound effects of this oil have also been discovered by scientist in recent years.

Summarized List of Benefits

  • Preventing cardiac arrest by hardening arteries and deterring atherosclerosis
  • Reduce or eliminate acne, whiteheads, and blackheads effectively
  • Ease muscle and joint pain from arthritis and traumatic injuries
  • Alleviate menstrual cramps in women experiencing pain during menstrual cycle
  • Strengthening immune system

Safflower Oil Benefits for Skin

Safflower oil has therapeutic properties and is effective in treatment several skin problems. For many years, this oil has been wonderful used to make skin more beautiful all the way from the head to toe. And unlike most artificial products, safflower oil does not present any harmful chemicals.

Safflower oil has plenty of linoleic acid which combines with sebum to unclog pores and reduce acne spots and rashes on the skin. It further regenerates new cells of the skin to make the skin look gorgeous and younger. If you want to improve the texture and quality of the skin, then safflower is the oil choice for you.

Safflower Oil Hair Benefits

For improving hair growth, safflower oil is one of the most amazing oils widely used for this purpose. This is attributed to the oleic acid content which is praised for ability to safeguard the scalp and hair.

By improving blood circulation in the scalp, it supplies nutrients to the hair thus facilitating its growth and strengthening hair follicles. It further keeps your hair strong and shiny and this explains its widespread use in cosmetic products.

Safflower Oil Benefits for Weight Loss

Generally speaking, weight loss is a common health problem today, and many people are grappling to lose fats with little success. Obesity is associated with accumulation of fats in the body, which place us at higher risk of cardiac disorders.

As a known fat burner, safflower oil is widely used to reduce weight and prevent obese condition. This is attributed to omega 6 fats which burns stored fats in out body. Honestly, this may not work in some people and quite a number have used this oil with no success.

Safflower Oil Health Benefits

Safflower oil is highly loaded and recognized for its incredible health benefits. In particular, this oil has proved effective in healing and preventing a variety of illnesses from diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol level. Brief explanation is explained here below.

  • For diabetes, safflower oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, a category of essential fatty acids which is critical in managing the level of sugar in the bloodstream.
  • In preventing obesity, safflower oil contains fatty acid which burns fat in our body. Using this oil can in great extent minimize the possibility of becoming obese.
  • Hair growth, skin care is other health benefits as explained in detail above.

Cold-pressed Safflower Seed Oil Benefits

Even though several sources of good fats are in existence today, cold pressed safflower seed oil has interesting health benefits. This oil is laden with mono-unsaturated and poly-saturated fats in the form of vitamin E and Omega 6 which have amazing health benefits.

Safflower has the highest content of lonoleic acid among all types of vegetable oils. This is a type of essential fatty acids needed for the good health of our body. Linoleic is a key component of cell membranes and essential for strengthening our immune system.

Besides, cold pressed organic safflower oil is essential for preventing a myriad of skin disorders from acne, dermatitis, dry skin and even loss of hair.

CLA Tonalin Safflower Oil Benefits

There has been a lot of buzz about CLA tonalin, and certainly it is vital to look at its ingredients, uses and side effects. To begin with, this product burns body fat.

It is a type of dietary supplement used to eliminate unwanted fats from the body. This supplement deters production of ‘lipoprotein lipase’ enzyme that breaks down fatty cells in the food.

Conjugate linoleic acid from safflower oil is the primary ingredient in this product. Others are glycerin, gelatin, water, mixed tocopherols and caramel color. In terms dosage, two capsules are recommended with main meal and one capsule later on in the day.

This supplements works by burning body fats and increasing lean muscle mass. Tonalin CLA is readily available in local vitamin stores and can also be ordered from online retailers.

However, there is a cause for concern with these capsules. The first concern relates to breakage of skin as reported by some users. Taking these capsules on empty stomach can cause nausea and headache.

This is quite unique compared to most other supplements in the market. The final concern is lack clinical test to support weight loss and improving immune system. It is advisable to go for products that been clinically proven to work.

Safflower Oil for Hair Reviews

As explained earlier in this article, safflower oil facilitates hair growth. The oleic acid in this oil improves blood circulation on the scalp and also opens pores thus improving growth of hair and strengthens hair follicles.

Nonetheless, even without going into scientific support, positive reviews from customers attest to this assertion. Besides hair growth, safflower oil also protects, nourishes, hydrates and even makes the hair stronger and shiny.

Side Effects of Safflower Oil

The question many ask is whether or not safflower oil has some adverse effects. Well, like most other oils, it has its own downsides. The common safflower oil side effects are:

  • It can cause allergies in persons who are sensitive to compositae family
  • It also cause bleeding problems like clotting disorders and hemorrhage
  • It can increase blood sugar level and hence diabetes
  • Increase the risk of bleeding in surgery by affecting blood clot

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