Raw Honey for Allergies – Is it Good, Does it Help, Dosage and How to Use Local Raw Honey for Allergies

Is it okay to use raw honey for allergies? This seems to be the question that most people ponder on. In this article, I discuss the many ways by which one can use local raw honey in the treatment of allergies. Just in case you didn’t know, there are a number of ways of using raw honey as a home remedy for allergies.

Is Raw Honey Good for Allergies

Yes. Indeed using raw honey for allergies is highly advisable. Raw honey is a Naturopathic remedy used for treating different types of allergies. According to Jeffrey Kiker, a honey researcher, everyone is likely to get good raw honey within 50 miles from where they live and should use it to treat, not only allergies but several forms of ailments.

  • Many studies confirm that individuals who take honey regularly are less likely to suffer from allergies because their tolerance is built by small amounts of pollen in the honey they take. Ingested raw honey pollen boosts human immune system, particularly from dust or other types of pollen in the atmosphere.  It contains antihistamine effect on the individuals who regularly take it prior to pollen or dust seasons.
  • Being a natural remedy, raw honey is considered a very effective Naturopathic substance. It works against many different types of allergies, ranging from those associated with food to the type related to atmospheric conditions.
  • It should be understood that that state of the human immune system at any particular time, is determined by simple conditions such as lack of school, negative reactions to particular foods or situations such as being in traffic for long.
  • Environmental factors such as dust or pollen easily influence a person’s health when the immune system is exhausted. Raw honey is good in reducing and in some cases completely treating allergies resulting from such conditions.
  • Honey reduces the body’s exposure to allergens by rebalancing the immune system. Raw honey heals allergies largely in a holistic way, for example, the prevention and treatment of environmental toxins, food, hormonal, botanical and blood allergens.

Does Raw Honey Help with Allergies

Yes. using Raw honey for allergies treatment is helpful to the allergy patients. Honey has very strong balancing properties that enable your body to resist allegories. If, for example, you are allergic to Golden Rod, as a result of over exposure to it at some point in your life, eating raw honey partly made from pollen from the same plant will ingest modulating properties in your immune system against the golden rod pollen allergy.

One would expect that eating substances made from a plant or pollen you are allergic to will trigger it, but research has proved that human immune systems work in interesting ways-contrary to our thinking or common sense.

  • A study conducted by International Archives of Immunology and Allergies concluded that patients who took raw honey  were found to be about 70% less likely to develop allergies to the various allergens they earlier reacted to.
  • The immune system becomes less sensitive to the specific allergens when you consume raw honey made from the pollen or nectar of such plants.

raw honey for allergiesAccording to The US Food and Drug Administration, about 37 million people in the country are victims of seasonal allergies, technically known as allergic rhinitis. I know this may not sound good for those who are susceptible to these conditions (itchy eyes, headaches, scratchy nose and many other conditions).

  • Although modern medical science has made tremendous steps in finding solutions to allergies, none of them has reached the success levels that raw honey has, especially on allergies related to bee-friendly pollen.
  • In addition, the drugs that medical science has developed over the years have come with several side effects; raw honey does not have any side effects on patients. Natural remedies such as raw honey therefore become a better option.
  • In spite of the fact that most of the scientific studies on the ability of raw honey have not been peer-reviewed or conclusively proven, there is convincing evidence that many people have been healed from allergies by taking raw honey.
  • Vaccination work in exactly the same way raw honey is believed to work.-they introduce dummy versions the particular allergen into the body system to ‘trick” it into believing that it has been invaded.
  • By doing so raw honey triggers a response designed to fight the “intruder” that apparently is not there at the time, but never the less the antibiotic or the body defense mechanism has been prepared to a big extent to handle the “real incident”.
  • Raw honey is thought to be effective also because, in most cases it is taken by people within the locality where it is produced, therefore making it the right type to fight the allergens the victim reacts to. Eating honey “gradually vaccinates’ the body in a process called immunotherapy.

Raw Honey For Asthma Treatment and Control

Can Raw Honey help in asthmatic patients? Raw honey also works well for asthma patients. When mixed with lemon and hot tea the solution dissolves mucous in the breathing system thus reducing blockage. It should be noted that:

  1. It relieves minor colds that have similar symptoms as asthma and sooths the throat.  Some of the nutrients that honey has and proven to help in reducing asthma include selenium, manganese, magnesium, phenolic and flavonoid compounds.
  2. The antibacterial properties contained in Manuka raw honey have been found to have antibacterial qualities used in as an asthma and sinusitis supplement. It is also helpful in treating several other breathing disorders both in children and adults.
  • However, a study by St Paul’s Sinus Centre in British Columbia, Vancouver, challenged this finding. They concluded that raw honey has little or sometimes no effect on the two diseases; asthma and sinusitis.
  • A combination of raw honey with cinnamon, has been found to be more effective in treatment of asthma that when it is used alone. There are several other natural remedies that can be used together with raw honey to heal, not just asthma but many other diseases.

Local Raw Honey for Allergies Dosage

One teaspoonful of raw honey, mixed with lukewarm water and a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder can easily relieve allergies. It also boosts your immune system against different disease types.

You can also use a teaspoonful of raw honey with a glass of tea or other beverages especially for kids with asthmatic conditions. Other substances that can be combined with raw honey include a teaspoon of turmeric powder, 3-5 cloves of crushed garlic, 3 tablespoons of butter and one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds.

How to Use Raw Honey for Allergies and Asthma

As earlier mentioned raw honey works well with other natural substances in combating allergies. There are a number o ways to achieve this:

How to use raw honey for Asthma

  1. Mix 1 teaspoonful of raw honey with ½ teaspoon of cinnamon Add these two in a glass of warm water. A teaspoon of raw honey with a mixture of warm water is good for relieving cold. This will also work for other minor asthmatic cases.
  2. You can also take honey with other foods to relieve allergies against particular foods or stomach upsets resulting from some food types.

How to use raw honey for  Allergies

Before using the raw honey for allergies you need access to the following materials/ingredients,and should the follow the procedure below

Materials or Ingredients:

  1. 5 tablespoons of horseradish,
  2. 3 tablespoons of butter,
  3. ½ cup of raw honey
  4. three gloves of crushed garlic


  1. Mix the ingredients in warm water
  2. Stir thoroughly to ensure uniform mix
  3. Take the resultant warm mixture to relieve your body of different kinds of allergies.
  • Raw honey can also be used with olive oil to reduce skin allergies and enhance hair growth.

Raw Honey Allergy (Intolerance) Symptoms

It is ironical that some people are allergic to raw honey, the substance that is supposed to heal people from allergies. Nevertheless, this fact has to be acknowledged and solutions sought. Raw honey allergy is also know as Raw Honey Intolerance

Some of the raw honey allergy symptoms exhibited by those with raw honey symptoms include:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Skin rashes
  4. Pricking sensations
  5. Sweating even in cold weather
  6. Dizziness and
  7. General weakness.

There are severe cases of raw honey reaction and allergies such as anaphylactic shock. This is where individuals can experience difficulty in breathing, fainting, low blood pressure and if not urgently attended can lead to death.  You should therefore consult a doctor immediately you notice any abnormality after taking raw honey.

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