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Where to Buy Best Organic Raw Honey in Bulk Near Me

Where can I buy the best organic honey near me? Organic raw honey commonly known as organic honey has numerous benefits when consumed. It has many uses and benefits in our life. In this article I discuss at length the various advantages of using organic raw honey in whole foods.  I also discuss the various places where one can buy organic raw honey in bulk.

Is Organic Honey Raw?

Raw honey is in its original natural state. It does not go through any processes such as pasteurization or heating, but in some cases can be filtered to remove impurities. Raw honey has no additives, syrups, preservatives or any other artificial component.organic raw honey benefits and ses

Honey is certified as organic only if it is produced from flowers that are pesticide free, unpolluted area and when pure natural materials have been used in beekeeping.

There should be no veterinary medications used during the production of raw honey.

These are guidelines that the US National Honey Board and authorities use before certifying any honey has organic. Raw honey may not necessarily be organic.

Organic Raw Honey Uses

Organic raw honey is nutritionally very valuable. It is basically made of carbohydrates and water, but contains several vitamins and minerals such as zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, riboflavin, calcium and niacin among many others.

The common uses of organic raw honey include:

  1. Fighting free radicals: It also contains antioxidants that are very helpful in fighting free radicals that are potentially very harmful to the body. Research has proved that the more honey is darker, the higher the level of antioxidants contained.
  2. Therapeutic purposes: Organic raw honey is also widely used therapeutic purposes, especially where common antiseptics and antibiotics fail. It has been widely proven that wounds that have difficulty healing respond well to honey.
  3. Preventing the growth of microorganisms: The osmotic properties of organic raw honey are mainly as a result of the monosaccharide contained.  Most of the water molecules it has are fully utilized therefore making it difficult for microorganisms to grow.
  4. Provides Free Oxygen Radicals: The medicinal hydrogen peroxide in honey is very effective because its concentration in honey is much higher and in a more effective form. The oxygen free radicals are oxidized by iron present in honey.  Hydrogen peroxide is responsible for releasing the oxygen free radicals that are very effective.
  5. Prevention of Bacterial Growth: The high acidity levels in honey make it effective in the prevention of bacterial growth. Topical organic honey is also used in the treatment of diabetes. It also contains polyphenols that work as antioxidants in the body.
  6. Human Nutrition: It also has positive general long term effect human health, particularly when it is used frequently used by people who are not allergic to it.
  7. Healing of Wounds: The wound healing properties of honey has been known and used for many centuries.  Today medical practitioners have embraced is as an effective wound dresser and in many randomized control trials around the world.
  8. Raw organic honey has the potential of rapidly clearing wound infections. From as early as 384 BC, Aristotle, a renowned philosopher is quoted as saying “honey is good as a salve for wounds and sore eyes”.
  9. This is an indicator that modern medical science is confirming what humans discovered many years ago. Microbiological studies have proved that honey as a higher antibacterial potency than any artificial medicines.

There are several brands of raw organic honey in Australia and New Zealand that have standardized the levels of antibacterial capability in raw organic honey, thus making it easier to choose specific types as antiseptics for dressing wounds.

This is a step that many other researchers, microbiologists and scientists in general, from other parts of the world, need to emulate.

Processing Organic Raw Honey

Processing honey destroys very important enzymes that are responsible for breaking sown hydrogen peroxide to make it more effective as an antibacterial substance. The enzymes can also be destroyed through exposure to sunlight, high temperatures and excessive moisture.

Manuka honey has been reported to have high levels antibacterial properties than many other types of honey.

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Organic Raw Honey Benefits

Organic raw honey has several medicinal benefits when taken alone or together with other foods or drinks. The common advantages or benefits for using organic raw honey include:

  1. Treatment of arthritis: – It can be used together with cinnamon powder and warm water to treat arthritis, a disease that is common among the elderly. Users of this combination reported subsided pain after a few days. Patients are advised to take the combination twice daily, morning and evening or night. One cup of hot water, a small teaspoonful of cinnamon and two teaspoonfuls of honey; in some cases the disease is fully cured.
  2. Treatment of Hair-loss and Baldness: – Organic raw honey is also recommended for people who experience fast rate hair loss or baldness. A mixture of one teaspoon of raw organic honey and a paste of olive oil in warm water and left for about 15 minutes before being used to wash hair. A teaspoon of cinnamon can also be added to the mixture.
  3. Kills germs in bladder: It also kills germs in the bladder therefore healing bladder infections.  People with bladder problems are advised to take one tablespoon of honey with a glass of lukewarm water for at least a week.
  4. Relieving Toothaches:- Those with toothaches should apply a teaspoonful of honey and one teaspoonful in cinnamon on the aching tooth. Doing this 2-3 times a day will lessen and eventually stop the pain.
  5. Anti-inflammatory Effects:- Organic Raw honey also has a stimulator and anti-inflammatory effect, therefore making it a great therapeutic substance. It stimulates tissue growth in wounds and hastens the healing process.
  6. Improves digestion: Organic raw honey has been found to significantly increase probiotic bacteria in the gut therefore improving digestion, preventing colon cancer and boosts the immune system. The antioxidants it contains also work well in ensuring that the colon works well.
  7. Reduces Cholesterol Levels:Individuals with high cholesterol levels are advised to take three tablespoons of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey in a mixture of sixteen tea ounces. This combination should be taken at least three times a day and cholesterol levels will drastically drop. Organic honey can also be taken with regular foods by patients with high cholesterol levels.

Best Organic Raw Honey

In order to get the best raw organic honey, there are several measures that need to be put in place. For example, there is a need to have organic bee farms uphold the needed hygiene standards. In addition one must check the quality of sweeteners before using them to process the honey.

Are Organic Bee Farms Certified Organic Raw Honey

Organic bee firms should ideally be certified. Unfortunately, many of the firms still operate without authorization. There are several requirements needed for a farmer to operate an organic apiary, one of them is his ability to organically maintain the firm and all the bee food or plants.

The pollen, nectar or honeydew should originate from organic plants and because bees travel for up to three miles in search of food, the farmers are advised to locate their firms in areas that have no inorganic foods in the same radius. This implies that firms with inorganic foods should be located outside three miles radius from the apiary.

The beehives used in producing organic honey should be made from natural timber or metal. Treated timber should therefore not be used in making organic bee hives.

If a farmer is shifting from conventional honey production, they are required to have a transition period of not less than twelve months.

During this period is expected that the inorganic wax should be replaced with organic types. Farmers benefit more from organic honey certification because the prices are higher and it becomes easier to market it.

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Honey

Organic raw honey is a safe natural sweetener that is easily available. It is mixed with water, milk or spread in bread to make it tastier. You can substitute sugar in your tea with organic raw honey and your tea will remain sweet and healthier.

Honey contains fructose and glucose in a form that your body can easily digest compared to conventional sugars. Unlike sugar, organic honey is not chemically processed and contains more calories.

Where to Buy Bulk Organic Raw Honey

  • You can find a local organic beekeeper by asking honey merchants some names near you. Also, you can use the yellow pages to locate them or simply ask neighbors who may know some.
  • You can also find organic honey from a local health food store that stock it in pure raw organic forms or visit a local farmers market.
  • Shopping online is also a reliable option, but you should take extra precautionary measures when doing so, for example, getting a background check of honey stores listed online.
  • You can buy it in places such as Amazon Stores and Walmart among others.
  • Websites such as Honey.com owned by the National Honey Board provide details on where one can buy the local honey. You can track reliable honey sellers using the zip code.

Local Honey Farms Near Me

You can also choose to locate honey farms if you prefer buying directly from farmers. The advantage associated with this approach is the fact that there are minimal chances of buying adulterated honey. As usual, if you need it fresh, procure it directly from the farmer.

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