Benefits of Raw Honey – Nutritional, Health Benefits of Unfiltered Honey on Face with Cinnamon

What are the health and nutritional benefits of raw honey? Can raw honey be applied on the face without risks? Yes, raw honey has numerous benefits in and on our bodies. Read below on the nutritional and health benefits of raw honey and learn how it can be used on face with Cinnamon and in weight loss. Does it work when applied on face overnight?

What Are the Benefits of Raw Honey?

There are numerous nutritional and health benefits that can be attained when one eats or uses raw honey. In this article I will focus on the two categories of benefits as described here below

Benefits of Raw Unfiltered Honey

There are numerous benefits of raw honey that is unfiltered and they include:

  1. A Good Source of Energy – raw unfiltered honey is a good source of energy. It is estimated that honey contains 63 calories per tablespoon. One teaspoon of sugar gives about 14 calories. Honey has more than four times the energy contained in sugars.
  2. Perfect source of glucose – Even the most sensitive stomachs can easily convert carbohydrates contained in raw unfiltered honey into glucose. This is because the human digestive system digests raw unfiltered honey much faster and easily than sugars.
  3. Good for athletic stamina – Honey has been proved to enhance athletic performance because of its excellent ergogenic properties. It is the best way for the body to maintain and balance blood sugar, improve glycogen restoration and muscle recuperation.

Nutritional Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey is used as a sweetener and as a sugar substitute in many foods and drinks. It has close to 70% fructose and glucose that is better in general human health than white sugar.

benefits of raw honey
       Honey has many benefits

Being a natural product honey, its content and nutritional value are dependent on the flora used to produce it.

The carbohydrate ratio remains the same, but the characteristics of other components greatly vary. These differences also lead to a wide variation of the physical characteristics of raw honey.

Carbohydrate Content and Distribution in Raw Honey

The following are the average contents of the main carbohydrates in raw honey

Carbohydrate Average content
Sucrose 1.3%
Reducing sugars 76.7%
Glucose 30.2
Fructose 38.4%

Honey’s ability to absorb water from the air causes the variations in raw honey content. The differences, therefore, varies depending on the levels of water absorbed, the temperature, and the humidity at any given time. Water content influences raw honey reflective index highly. It can also be affected by polarized light.

  • Raw honey contains several other nutrients, for example, various types of vitamins, fiber, water, protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, amino acids and many others.
  • The levels of these contents depend mainly on many other factors, for example, the origin, production season and flower nectar used.
  • The pollen in nectar has a unique taste, flavor, and texture. There are types of raw honey, such as Acacia, that have high glucose content compared to others.
  • Raw honey also contains flavenoids, for example, phenolic acid, luteolin and apigen that are known to work as antioxidants in the body.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey – Eating Raw Honey

Raw honey has numerous health benefits when ingested. These include:

  1. Works as an antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-parasitic agents in the body. Raw honey antioxidant effect works by inhibiting or preventing the production of free radicals that are dangerous for human health.
  2. Has polyphenols as the most common antioxidant component in honey, and are very effective in oxidative protection. It also helps in the production of common antioxidant substances such as reductives, glutathionine and uric acid.
  3. Raw honey helps in reducing the effects of different cancer types. Cancers grow through genetic mutation of body cells and tissues promoted by stimuli and certain chemical compounds. Most of the chemical substances that cause cancer originate from different types of foods that we take.
  4. Slows activity of carcinogens: Researchers have severally argued that nitrosamines and heterocyclic amines produced when frying or roasting foods promote genetic mutation of body cells. Honey works by slowing or, in some cases, preventing this activity.
  5. Stimulates immune system: Honey also works helps against the prevention of cancer by stimulating the immune system and it is more effective before the formation of cancer tumors.
  6. Raw honey also contains anti-inflammatory effects. Its active compounds inhibit the formation and release of free radicals on the inflamed tissues. In Malaysia for instance, Gelam and Tualang honey are widely used against allergic inflammations. Raw honey produced in this region contains a high quantity of phenolic properties that possess great anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant compounds.
  1. Raw honey is used together with other substances to assist in weight loss. Many people consume too much process foods and sugar that are a big hindrance to weight loss. Honey provides both the sweetness we crave for in sugar and the calories we need, without additional weight.

You can cut the calories from sugar by up to 65% by substituting the sugar in most of your beverages with honey. Sodas and latte coffee are examples of beverages that have high-calorie levels. Latte coffee has about 170 calories while 12-ounce soda has about 150 calories.

A combination of raw honey with warm water is very helpful in the proper digestion of foods. This combination also serves as a system cleanser against toxins and other disease causing agents in the body.

The amount of water used together with raw honey depends on your desired level of sweetness. Some people prefer excessively sweet substances wild others like average or mild sweetness.

Combine Raw Honey with Lemon – for weight loss

You can combine raw honey with lemon instead of plain water.

  • Mix a glass of honey water with a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • The citrus flavor of lemon and honey sweetness will make a refreshing drink that will help you lose weight easily.
  • A cup of hot tea in the morning mixed with raw honey is also a perfect way to start your day in a healthy manner.
  • The raw honey-lemon mixture reduces the temptation for sugar spikes during the day and lessens your appetite for junk or other foods known to cause excess body weight.

Raw honey has been used for centuries to prevent hunger, especially during times when food was scarce. This is because one can go for a long time without food after taking small amounts of raw honey.

It is for this reason that those who choose to reduce the number of meals they take in a day, can decide to take raw honey instead. Remember, raw honey loses some of its nutrients when exposed to high temperatures or used in hot water.

Benefits of Raw Honey on Face Overnight

What are the benefit of applying raw honey on face? Well, there are many benefits that can be accrued by using raw honey on face overnight and they include:

  1. Raw honey works well in gently removing dirt from your face or any other part of your skin without stripping the skin any natural substances as many foam soaps do.
  2. It contains several probiotic and antibacterial properties that effectively prevent acne growth and healing of areas affected by acne or any other skin anomaly.
  3. It works well on all skin types and is therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

Raw Organic Honey Benefits

Raw organic honey has several benefits. It has several minerals and vitamins that the body requires for its normal functionality and prevention of diseases. It is also good in:

  1. Maintaining blood sugar levels,
  2. Boosting performance among athletes and those engaged in any form of physical activity,
  3. Increasing energy levels in the body without adding excess weight, and
  4. Using as a natural healthy sweetener in virtually all foods.

Benefits of Raw Honey and Cinnamon

The mixture of cinnamon and honey cures many diseases, for example, arthritis, heart diseases, colds, bladder infection and lowers cholesterol levels.

Those who have regular heart attacks can drastically reduce them by using it frequently with other foods for example bread, instead of jam or jelly.

Research conducted by the Copenhagen University found that honey can considerably reduce pain and heal close to half of the patients suffering from arthritis.

One cup of water and two tablespoons of honey twice daily is suitable for arthritis patients.

The raw honey and cinnamon combination also reduces gas produced in the stomach and heals ulcers.


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